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I will follow? Authoritarian populism, past and present

Reparation Ecologies: Regimes of Repair in Populist Agroecology

Emerging ‘agrarian climate justice’ struggles in Myanmar

Negotiating the Northwoods: Anti-establishment rural politics in the Northeastern United States

Pork Belly Politics: The Moral and Instrumental Reasons Clients Donate to Patrons in a Rural Colombian Mayoral Election

The Politics of Lineage: Caste, Kinship and Land Control in an Agrarian Frontier

Petani dan Politik: Studi Preferensi Politik Petani Ijen Bondowoso

Listening to Rural Americans in “Trump Country”

Power and powerlessness in an Appalachian Valley – revisited

Morality of discontent : The constitution of political establishment in the Swedish rural press

Confronting Affirmative Action in Brazil: University Quota Students and the Quest for Racial Justice

The Democracy Development Machine: Neoliberalism, Radical Pessimism, and Authoritarian Populism in Mayan Guatemala

Visualizing politics: A feminist political ecology and participatory GIS approach to understanding smallholder farming, climate change vulnerability, and seed bank failures in Northern Ghana

Territory, enclosure, and state territorial mode of production in the Russian imperial periphery

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Rural Politics 農村政治
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