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Community-based self-management of chronic low back pain in a rural African primary care setting: a feasibility study

Assessing self-reported disability in a low-literate population with chronic low back pain: cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric testing of Igbo Roland Morris disability questionnaire

Rural Niger sentence examples within low back pain

Translation, cultural adaptation and psychometric testing of Igbo fear avoidance beliefs questionnaire in mixed rural and urban Nigerian populations with chronic low back pain

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Partner notification and contact tracing must accompany provider-initiated counselling and testing in population screening for HIV infection in Nigeria

Corporate Social Responsibility in Nigeria and Rural Youths in Sustainable Traditional Industries Livelihood in Oil Producing Communities

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Modern contraceptive use among female adolescents in rural Nigeria: Does exposure to family planning messages matter? A cross-sectional study

The burden and epidemiology of polyparasitism among rural communities in Kano State, Nigeria

HIV sexual risk behavior and preferred HIV prevention service outlet by men who have sex with men in Nigeria

Polio’s Precarious Future A Review of Polio: The Odyssey of Eradication and an Interview with Dr. T. Jacob John

Acceptability and utilization of a lipid-based nutrient supplement formulated for pregnant women in rural Niger: a multi-methods study

Behaviour settings theory applied to domestic water use in Nigeria: A new conceptual tool for the study of routine behaviour.

Facilitated discussions increase learning gains from dialectically localized animated educational videos in Niger

Why rural women do not use primary health centres for pregnancy care: evidence from a qualitative study in Nigeria

Assessment of Dietary Intake and Nutrient Gaps, and Development of Food-Based Recommendations, among Pregnant and Lactating Women in Zinder, Niger: An Optifood Linear Programming Analysis

Choosing a career path in agriculture: A tough calling for youths in Ibadan metropolis, Nigeria

Clinical diagnostic evaluation of HRP2 and pLDH-based rapid diagnostic tests for malaria in an area receiving seasonal malaria chemoprevention in Niger

Adoption of cocoa input technologies under agricultural transformation agenda among women cocoa farmers in Ile-Ife, Osun State

The power of language: Functional brain network topology of deaf and hearing in relation to sign language experience

Exploring the Three-Way Destination Safety Solution to Crisis Management in Tourist Destinations in Rural Nigeria

Correlates of reported modern contraceptive use among postpartum HIV-positive women in rural Nigeria: an analysis from the MoMent prospective cohort study

Coverage and equity of maternal and newborn health care in rural Nigeria, Ethiopia and India

379. Clinical Management of HIV-associated Pneumocystis jirovecii Pneumonia in Rural Nigerian Communities: Public Health Interventions and Impact

Can community health workers increase modern contraceptive use among young married women? A cross-sectional study in rural Niger

Clinical evaluation of the use of an mhealth intervention on quality of care provided by Community Health Workers in southwest Niger

Protocol for cluster randomized evaluation of reaching married adolescents - a gender-synchronized intervention to increase modern contraceptive use among married adolescent girls and young women and their husbands in Niger

The social, physical and economic impact of lymphedema and hydrocele: a matched cross-sectional study in rural Nigeria

Orange fleshed sweet potatoes (OFSP) and productivity: the case of smallholders in Kwara State, Nigeria

Attitude of women in a Nigerian local government to reproductive health following health education intervention

Mother’s nutrition-related knowledge and child nutrition outcomes: Empirical evidence from Nigeria


Improved Cook-stoves and Environmental and Health Outcomes: Lessons from Cross River State, Nigeria

The mixed effects of a package of multilevel interventions on the health and care of pregnant women in Zinder, Niger

Curbing Youth Restiveness and Conflicts Through Effectual Structural Policies for Rural Employment Generation in Nigeria

Biotechnological approach to produce riboflavin enriched iru – using riboflavin overproducing Bacillus subtilis

Automated design optimisation and simulation of stitched antennas for textile devices

Asset Ownership and Welfare Deprivation of Women in Rural Nigeria: A Bi-Causal Relationship

An Exploratory Analysis of Fecal Immunochemical Test Performance for Colorectal Cancer Screening in Nigeria

A qualitative study of community elders’ perceptions about the underutilization of formal maternal care and maternal death in rural Nigeria

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