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Attributes of drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene associated with microbiological water quality of stored drinking water in rural schools in Mozambique and Uganda.

Bridewealth Marriage in the 21st Century: A Case Study from Rural Mozambique.

Fertility cultures and childbearing desire after the Two-Child Policy: evidence from southwest China

Barriers and facilitators to father involvement in early child health services: A qualitative study in rural Mozambique.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis use among HIV serodiscordant couples: a qualitative study in Mozambique

Implementation of a Community Transport Strategy to Reduce Delays in Seeking Obstetric Care in Rural Mozambique

1683. Empathy Scale Validation Among Expectant Seroconcordant Couples Enrolled in HIV Care and Treatment in Zambézia Province, Mozambique

Cost-effectiveness of two long-lasting insecticidal nets delivery models in mass campaign in rural Mozambique

Impacts of land use intensification on human wellbeing: Evidence from rural Mozambique

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Rural Mozambique 田舎のモザンビーク
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