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Psychological Traits and Intention to Use E-Commerce among Rural Micro-Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

ICT Innovation Diffusion by Tourism Microentrepreneurs

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Optimal day-ahead scheduling of autonomous operation for the hybrid micro-grid including PV, WT, diesel generator, and pump as turbine system

Optimal Energy Management of Isolated Micro-Grid Including Solar and Diesel Power with Pumped Storage

Making Rural Micro-Regeneration Strategies Based on Resident Perceptions and Preferences for Traditional Village Conservation and Development: The Case of Huangshan Village, China

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Analysis of Regulatory Documents on the Creation and Operation of Intelligent Power Supply Systems for Rural Consumers

Access to Financing for Productive Employment Opportunities for Women in Rural Benin

Application of innovation platforms to catalyse adoption of conservation agriculture practices in South Asia

Techno-economic-enviro optimization analysis of diesel/PV/wind with pumped hydro storage for Mentawai Island microgrid

Telepsychiatry adoption across hospitals in the United States: a cross-sectional study

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Las microfinanzas rurales en Colombia y el proceso de financiarización: un estudio de caso

To Be or Not to Be? The Opportunities and Challenges of Social Media Marketing for Rural Micro Enterprises in Taiwan

Evaluation of a LoRa Mesh Network for Smart Metering in Rural Locations

Spatial-temporal clusters of pediatric perforated appendicitis in California.

Wasserstein distance-based distributionally robust optimal scheduling in rural microgrid considering the coordinated interaction among source-grid-load-storage

A Study on the Innovative Design Method of Rural Microlandscape —— Taking Edible Fungi as an Example

Microgrids dynamic stability interconnected through low voltage AC network

Determinants of adoption of sustainable land management practice choices among smallholder farmers in Abay Basin of Oromia, Ethiopia

Planning and Optimization of Hybrid Microgrid for Reliable Electrification of Rural Region

Colombia-United States Free Trade Agreement. An observation to the Colombian agricultural microeconomy projected towards development

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A method for planning evolutive design of isolated renewable microgrids with multi-objective optimisation

Gender and renewable energy integration: The mediating role of green-microfinance

Cultural value as the basis for the microfinance development of the Farmer’s Group Association

Foster, Greer and Thorbecke Class of Poverty Measures to Assess the Role of Rural Microenterprises in Poverty Reduction in Bangladesh

Implementation of a frequency control in a biomass gasifier system

Understanding farmers’ access and perception to Islamic microfinance on agricultural financing: study in Central Lampung regency

Local wisdom in rural microfinance: a descriptive study on villagers of East Sumba

Heavy rainfall maps in Brazil to 5 year return period

Rural Transformation, Inequality, and the Origins of Microfinance

Evaluation of Loading of Individual Buses on Voltage Regulation in a Radial Microgrid Feeder

A novel rural microcredit decision model and solving via binary differential evolution algorithm

Energy Resource Planning for a Rural Microgrid: Comparison of Results using Different Optimization Algorithms

The entrepreneur–opportunity nexus: discovering the forces that promote product innovations in rural micro-tourism firms

Integrated assessment of a sustainable microgrid for a remote village in hilly region

Imperial Villages: Cultures of Political Freedom in the German Lands c. 1300-1800

Methodology for the Selection and Sizing of an Isolated MicroGrid Based on Economic Criteria

A novel stochastic method to dispatch microgrids using Monte Carlo scenarios

Pay-As-You-Go financing: a model for viable and widespread deployment of solar home systems in rural India

Development of a Peer to peer electricity exchange model in micro grids for rural electrification

Hybrid Intelligence Techniques for Unit Commitment of Microgrids

Development of the Czech Countryside After 1990: Causes and Consequences

State estimation of energy measurements for enhanced trust in distributed ledger applications on rural microgrids

Two-Stage Stochastic Sizing of a Rural Micro-Grid Based on Stochastic Load Generation

How Should Rural Financial Cooperatives Be Best Organized? Evidence from Ethiopia

The Correlations between Microfinance Participation and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Rural Bangladesh: Economic Disempowerment and Deteriorating Social Health in Rural Women

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