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Explore the Natural Beauty of Robert Frost’s in his Poetry

Identifying and documenting the Traras mountains(Northwest-Algeria) rural heritage architectural features: an architectural survey.

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Social Change, Agency, and Resistance: The Cultural Double Movement and the Rural Midwest, 1830–1929

A.N. Engelhardt and the problems of rural life in L.N. Tolstoy’s novel «Anna Karenina»


Rural Development and Communication

[Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Non-point Source Pollution Load of Total Nitrogen in Tuojiang River Basin].

Gossip and Addiction Recovery in Rural Communities.

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Research on the Path of Cultural Integration of Landless Farmers in Weifang City Based on New Urbanization

Village Festivals and Rites in Croatian Naive Art

The structure of Brazilian Amazonian gut microbiomes in the process of urbanisation

A Marxist Reading of William Blake’s Selected Poetry: Machineries in Green Studies

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Design of index and standard system of water-saving carriers in Jinhua City

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Rural Lifestyle in Vietnam - Values and Drawbacks

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Assessment of demographic situation in rural area of the Russian Federation from the position of economic security

The structure of the sowing areas of crops in the Non-chernozem region

Rural Revitalization of the Implementation of the Strategy of Path Implementation of Strategic Path to Rural Revitalization

No Place to Die: Neoliberalism, Anti-Idyll, and Social (Im)mobility in The Serpent King

Sacroiliac joint in sarcoidosis on computed tomography: a monocentric retrospective study (SISTER)

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Mutual relationships of environment and migration: A sociological appraisal

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Fairy tale as a method of diagnosing destructive life attitudes in Agrarian University students

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Socio Economic Characteristics of Buffalo Farmers in Haryana

The Victorian city and the Christian imagination: from gothic city to garden city

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Masculinity and misinformation: Social dynamics of liver fluke infection risk in Thailand.

TOPOI RESOURCES: Quantification and Assessment of Global Warming Potential and Land-Uptake of Residential Buildings in Settlement Types along the Urban–Rural Gradient—Opportunities for Sustainable Development

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Exploring the Traditional Farming Culture and Improving the Local Cultural Confidence: Solving the Problem of Rural Tourism Homogenization

The quiet before the storm: Negligence and inappropriateness in face mask use in the community preceded devastating second wave of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Brazil

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Устойчивое развитие экономики агротуризма на примере Северо-Казахстанской области

Agricultural climate change and rural animation film application based on remote sensing images

De la despoblación a la repoblación rural de las montañas

Reproductive performance of indigenous Lao pigs reared by small-scale farmers in northern provinces of Laos

Associations of physical activity in rural life with happiness and ikigai: a cross-sectional study

What do dental students value about their rural placements-Is clinical experience enough?

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Political Ideas and Political Struggle of the Pre-Revolutionary Russian Clergy (The Case of the Ryazan Diocese)

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Tradition, Modernisation, Création: Tensions in French Craft, 1960-1990

Breakthrough, Concern and Prospect: Research on the Communication of Tiktok Rural Short Video from the Perspective of Scene Theory

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Livelihood of rural structures

Between Exploitation and Exclusion: Immigrants and Industrial America

Identification of Fungi Involved in Onychomycosis in Patients of a Spanish Rural Area

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