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The Relationship Between Sensation Seeking and Tobacco and Alcohol Use Among Junior High School Students: The Regulatory Effect of Parental Psychological Control

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Sun exposure and protection behaviors in urban and rural long-term melanoma survivors

Air pollution and cause-specific mortality: A comparative study of urban and rural areas in China.

Urban-Rural Variations in Quality of Care Among Patients With Cancer in California.

Urban-Rural Gaps in Breastfeeding Practices: Evidence From Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Urban-rural differences in the effect of empty-nest on mental health and behaviors of Chinese older population.

Housing and Health in Later Life.

Cultural intelligence as an enabler of cross-cultural adjustment in the context of intra-national diversity

Medical care and treatment of children with asthmatic or wheezing health outcomes and urban-rural differences in Bavaria - a cross-sectional study.

Urban-rural differences in the prevalence of muscle weakness and slow gait speed: A cross-sectional analysis from the NHANES (2001-2002 and 2011-2014)

Statewide Impact of COVID-19 on Social Determinants of Health - A First Look: Findings from the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin

Urban and rural differences in frequency of fruit, vegetable, and soft drink consumption among 6-9-year-old children from 19 countries from the WHO European region.

Urban-rural differences in trajectories of physical activity in Europe from 2002 to 2017.

Urban-rural differences in the association between social activities and depressive symptoms among older adults in China: a cross-sectional study

Hypertension Prevalence Rates Among Urban and Rural Older Adults of China, 1991–2015: A Standardization and Decomposition Analysis

Dual Effects of Synoptic Weather Patterns and Urbanization on Summer Diurnal Temperature Range in an Urban Agglomeration of East China

Use of Text Messaging and Facebook Groups to Support the Healthy Children, Strong Families 2 Healthy Lifestyle Intervention for American Indian Families

Spatial Disparities of COVID-19 Cases and Fatalities in United States Counties

A Fractal Approach to Urban Boundary Delineation Based on Raster Land Use Maps: A Case of Shanghai, China

Urban-Rural Differences in Pregnancy-Related Deaths, United States, 2011-2016.

Urban Heat Islands during Heat Waves: A Comparative Study between Boston and Phoenix

Changes in demographic and socioeconomic determinants of living alone among women in Sweden and Japan since the 1990s

Urban Forests as Main Regulator of the Evaporative Cooling Effect in Cities

Urban-rural disparities in institutional delivery among women in East Africa: A decomposition analysis

Urban–Rural Differences in Health Care Utilization for Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the USA, 2017

Comparative Analysis of Environmental Identity and Animal Attitude Between Male and Female

Trends and Urban-Rural Disparities of Energy Intake and Macronutrient Composition among Chinese Children: Findings from the China Health and Nutrition Survey (1991 to 2015)

Temperature-Mortality Relationship in North Carolina, USA: Regional and Urban-Rural Differences

Impact of education on health-beliefs in an emerging economy: Understanding urban vs. rural differences and the moderating effect of social capital

Identifying urban–rural differences in social vulnerability to natural hazards: a case study of China

Epidemic of ischaemic heart disease and the educational disparities in China

Overweight and obesity among children in rural areas: The importance of culture.

Stroke patients from rural areas have lower chances for long-term good clinical outcome after mechanical thrombectomy

Urban and Rural Disparities in Pneumococcal Carriage and Resistance in Jordanian Children, 2015–2019

Urban–Rural Differences in Patterns and Associated Factors of Multimorbidity Among Older Adults in China: A Cross-Sectional Study Based on Apriori Algorithm and Multinomial Logistic Regression

Urban-rural differences in the impacts of multiple chronic disease on functional limitations and work productivity among Chinese adults

Housing and Health in Later Life.

Urban-rural differences in catastrophic health expenditure among households with chronic non-communicable disease patients: evidence from China family panel studies

Pharmacist attitudes and provision of harm reduction services in North Carolina: an exploratory study

Morphological divergence, tail loss, and predation risk in urban lizards

Urban and Rural Disparities in Pneumococcal Carriage and Resistance of Jordanian Children, 2015-2019

Urban-rural Differences in Dental Care Use Among Adults Aged 18-64.

Do urban areas still have advantages over rural areas in antenatal care discontinuity in Sub-Saharan Africa?

An adapted two-step floating catchment area method accounting for urban-rural differences in spatial access to pharmacies.

Socioeconomic gradients in the Westernization of diet in China over 20 years

Functional status in rural and urban adults: The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging.

Low-dose CT lung cancer screening uptake: A rural-urban comparison.

Multi-Perspective Analysis of Household Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Direct Energy Consumption by the Methods of Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index and σ Convergence in Central China

Perceptions of Gender Roles in Sexual Relations and the Sexual Experiences of Medical Students in the Nile Delta of Egypt

Emergency Medical Services Time Intervals for Acute Chest Pain in the United States, 2015–2016

Urbanisation and asthma in low-income and middle-income countries: a systematic review of the urban–rural differences in asthma prevalence

Changes in Leisure Time Physical Activity Preferences and Hypertension Risk.

Differences in Social Isolation and Its Relationship to Health by Rurality.

Urban-rural differences in the association between blood lipids and characteristics of the built environment: a systematic review and meta-analysis

The health status of the Chinese elderly and changes since 1990s: evidence from population censuses and sampling surveys


Disability Transitions and Health Expectancies among Elderly People Aged 65 Years and Over in China: A Nationwide Longitudinal Study

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Analysis of organ donation willingness and its influencing factors for donation after citizen′s death in Hefei area

Tracking Opioid Prescribing Metrics in Washington State (2012-2017): Differences by County-Level Urban-Rural and Economic Distress Classifications.

Study on the Value of ‘Rural Household Registration’ in Modern Society

Geographical variations in self-rated health and functional limitations among older Chinese in eight WHO-SAGE provinces

The Effectiveness of Targeting Social Transfer Programs in Indonesia

Distribución espacial de la calidad de vida relacionada a la salud infantil en la provincia de Tucumán (Argentina)

Providing Higher Resolution Indicators of Rurality in the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Database: Implications for Patient Privacy and Research

The geography of medical travel in India: Differences across states, and the urban-rural divide

[Telemedicine in heart failure].

Telemedizin bei Herzinsuffizienz

Rethinking suicide in urban and rural areas. A critical approach to research of suicide in Castellon.

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An Empirical Analysis on the Adequacy and Balance of the Number of Teachers in Ordinary Primary School in China

US urban–rural disparities in breast cancer-screening practices at the national, regional, and state level, 2012–2016

Lung cancer mortality clusters in urban and rural areas of Shandong Province, China: A spatial scan statistical analysis

More Rural Differences 地方の違い sentence examples

[Epidemiologic characteristics of fall in the elderly in urban and rural areas in Shanghai].

A Research on the Evaluation System and Determinants of Starting Point Fairness

A tale of two cities: Suicide rates in Sydney and Melbourne are consistently lower than the rest of Australia

Birth weight charts for a Chinese population: an observational study of routine newborn weight data from Chongqing

Urbanisation and childhood asthma in a developing region of Latin-America: a cross-sectional analysis in northeastern Ecuador

Understanding Suicide in Pregnant and Postpartum Women, Using the National Violent Death Reporting System Data: Are There Differences in Rural and Urban Status?

The social location of harm from others’ drinking in 10 societies

Urban/rural residence effect on emergency department visits arising from food-induced anaphylaxis.

Urban–Rural Differences in Hip Fracture Mortality: A Nationwide NOREPOS Study

Rural‐Urban Trends in Opioid Overdose Discharges in Missouri Emergency Departments, 2012‐2016

Geodemographic Area Classification and Association with Mortality: An Ecological Study of Small Areas of Cyprus

Is systemic lupus erythematosus different in urban versus rural living environment? Data from the Cretan Lupus Epidemiology and Surveillance Registry

Employment changes following breast cancer diagnosis: the effects of race and place.

Urban-rural differences in mental health among Chinese patients with multiple chronic conditions.

More Rural Differences 地方の違い sentence examples

Analysis of types and medication of common chronic diseases in the elderly visiting primary medical institutions in eight provinces and cities

Suboptimal geographic accessibility to comprehensive HIV care in the US: regional and urban–rural differences

CVD risk factors and surrogate markers - Urban-rural differences

Temperature variability and mortality in rural and urban areas in Zhejiang province, China: An application of a spatiotemporal index.

Evidence for Urban–Rural Disparity in Temperature–Mortality Relationships in Zhejiang Province, China

Bone mineral density in an urban and a rural children population-A comparative, population-based study in Enugu State, Nigeria.

Store patterns of availability and price of food and beverage products across a rural region of Newfoundland and Labrador

Spectrum of neurological disorders in neurology outpatients clinics in urban and rural Sindh, Pakistan: a cross sectional study

Urban-rural differences in the care and outcomes of acute stroke patients: Systematic review

Spatial distribution and clusters of pancreatic cancer mortality in Shandong Province, China

Assessing urban-rural differences in the relationship between social capital and depression among Ghanaian and South African older adults

Association between Dying Experience and Place of Death: Urban-Rural Differences among Older Chinese Adults.

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