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Forest cover and social relations are more important than economic factors in driving hunting and bushmeat consumption in post-frontier Amazonia

The structure of Brazilian Amazonian gut microbiomes in the process of urbanisation

Study protocol: Evaluation of the Mamás del Río programme - a community-based, maternal and neonatal health intervention in Rural Amazonian Peru

Literature reviews: Gender And Rural Development

Human Food Dynamics in Highly Seasonal Ecosystems: A Case Study of Plant-Eating in Riverine Communities in Central Amazon

Soil-Transmitted Helminthiasis in Children from a Rural Community Taking Part in a Periodic Deworming Program in the Peruvian Amazon

A conspiracy of silence: Subsistence hunting rights in the Brazilian Amazon

Testosterone is positively and estradiol negatively associated with mucosal immunity in Amazonian adolescents

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Rural Amazonia 田舎のアマゾニア
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