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Disinfection of roof harvested rainwater inoculated with E. coli and Enterococcus and post-treatment bacterial regrowth: Conventional vs solar driven advanced oxidation processes.

Virological Characterization of Roof-Harvested Rainwater of Densely Urbanized Low-Income Region.

Virome in roof-harvested rainwater of a densely urbanized low-income region.

Sediment Deposition within Rainwater: Case Study Comparison of Four Different Sites in Ikorodu, Nigeria

Bacterial Analysis of Roof-harvested Rainwater and their Implications to Public Health in the Caribbean Island of Anguilla

Health-risk assessment for roof-harvested rainwater via QMRA in Ikorodu area, Lagos, Nigeria

Human Pathogenic Bacteria Detected in Rainwater: Risk Assessment and Correlation to Microbial Source Tracking Markers and Traditional Indicators

Improving Household Agriculture with Roof-Harvested Rainwater: A Case Study in Sydney and Nairobi

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Roof Harvested Rainwater 屋根で収穫された雨水
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