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O catolicismo entre a tradição e a reinvenção: novas comunidades, leigos consagrados e vida eremítica na Arquidiocese de Belo Horizonte

¿Termina o se transforma? Un siglo de secularización y religamiento del Cerro de los Ángeles a El Rocío

Roman Catholicism and fertility among the Mbaise, Southeast, Nigeria

Identity and Dissent in James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Youngman and D. H. Lawrence’s The Rainbow


Association between Practising Religion and Cardiovascular Disease Risk among Ghanaian Non-Migrants and Migrants in Europe: The RODAM Study

Christian Calling and the Ideal of Martyrdom in the Real World

Envisioning a Catholic Past, Present and Future: Conversion, Recuperation and Andean Christianity in Talavera, Peru

On the Personhood of Sacred Objects: Agency, Materiality and Popular Devotion in the Roman Catholic Philippines

Martyrdom in Early Modern England

Liberal Protestantism at Michigan

Does frequent prayer help reduce alcohol use? Heterogeneity in religious contexts and drinking styles

Henry Manning’s Journey to Roman Catholicism

Confessions of a Liturgical Historian: A Journey of Rethinking the Bible’s Importance When Discussing Worship; or, What I Am Now Learning from Pentecostals and Evangelicals

Late Twentieth-Century Reception of Aquinas in Analytical Philosophy

Tráfico de saberes. Agencia femenina, hechicería e Inquisición en Cartagena de Indias (1610–1614)

The Catholic Revival in English Literature

Religion and Theatrical Drama, an Introduction

Politics and International Relations

The priest in the novels of Graham Greene  

Religion and Development in Post‐Famine Ireland

Beza’s Pastoral Calling: Combat, Encouragement, and Duty

El andar de las creencias. Algunos determinantes de la movilidad religiosa en América Latina

Polarization Without Poles: Machiavellian Conflicts and the Philippines’ Lost Decade of Democracy, 2000–2010

“Ye Shall Know Them by Their Fruits”: Prosperity and Institutional Religion in Europe and the Americas

Law and religion in Ireland: recent developments

Religious Pluralism and the City: Inquiries into Postsecular Urbanism

Crypto-Jewish Identity in the Inquisition of Mexico City

Finding Resilience in Hiaki Ritual Knowledge: An Interpretation of Waehma

Education in a Nation divided : The Contribution of School Acts to the Development of Dutch Mass Schooling in the Long Nineteenth Century

La eclesiología en John Henry Newman

The Ooze of God’s Spirit

The Life and Character of Eric Drummond 1876–1951

Ku ekumenii realistycznej. W poszukiwaniu przyczyn trudności w katolicko-prawosławnym dialogu teologicznym

‘And Rome is Rome’: Ronald Knox’s Virgilian Catholic conversion narrative

For the Pope and Rome: Irish Catholic Soldiers of the Papal Battalion of St. Patrick in Italy in 1860

Confessing Sin, Proclaiming Reconciliation in Contemporary U.S. Catholic Liturgy

Harriet Prescott Spofford’s Development of a Protestant Aesthetic for a Diverse Nation

Conversion, Duality, and Vocation: The Perpetual Curate

『드라큘라』에 나타난 가톨릭주의와 억압된 욕망

The Russian Okrainy (Oкраины) and the Polish Kresy: objectivity and historiography

Restoration, Reconstruction and Union: memories of home in the stratiot poetry of Antonio Molino

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