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Brazil’s Crisis of Memory: Embracing Myths and Forgetting History

(Re)membering Sara Baartman, Venus, and Aphrodite

The Relief on the Door of the Msho Arakelots Monastery (1134) as a Source for Studying Arms and Armour of Medieval Armenian Warriors

Monsters of Military Might: Elephants in Hellenistic History and Art

Enhancing heritage fruition through 3D virtual models and augmented reality: an application to Roman artefacts

Daily Life in Ancient Greece at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Artemisia Gentileschi: drama, venganza y feminismo en su obra / Artemisia Gentileschi: Drama, Revenge and Feminism in her Work

‘Eye-Like Radiance’: The Depiction of Gemstones in Roman Wall Painting

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PANTHEON 3D. An Initiative in the Three-Dimensional Digitization of Romanian Cultural Heritage

Painting by Numbers: A Quantitative Approach to Roman Art

Beyond the Borders: The Significance of Frontiers between Central Balkans’ Roman Provinces in the Context of Roman Art

Truth from fiction

The Toga and Roman Identity

Leonardo DaVinci’s contributions to medical physics and biomedical engineering: celebrating the life of a ‘Polymath’


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Sugestiones apotropaicas en las orillas del Nilo: La representación de los pigmeos con barritas en el repertorio iconográfico romano / Apotropaic Suggestions along the Nile: The representation of the pygmies with sticks in Roman iconography

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