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Microbiological requirements for safe drinking water production at a large river impacted by human wastewater: a scenario analysis

Quantifying the hydrodynamic impacts of cumulative sand mining on a large river-connected floodplain lake: Poyang Lake

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Occurrence and distributions of human-associated markers in an impacted urban watershed.

Daily Variation of Lipid Regulators and Personal Care Products in a River Impacted by Domestic Effluents in Southern Brazil

Potential contamination of stream waters by ultramafic mining sediments: Identification of geochemical makers (New Caledonia)

Genome- and community-level interaction insights into the ecological role of archaea in rare earth element mine drainage in South China.

Heightened levels and seasonal inversion of riverine suspended sediment in a tropical biodiversity hot spot due to artisanal gold mining

Identification and quantification of bacterial genomes carrying antibiotic resistance genes and virulence factor genes for aquatic microbiological risk assessment.

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Chasing equilibrium passive sampling of hydrophobic organic compounds in water.

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Controls on rare-earth element transport in a river impacted by ion-adsorption rare-earth mining.

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