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Optimization, modeling, and prediction of relative viscosity and relative thermal conductivity of AlN nano-powders suspended in EG

Optimizing thermophysical properties of nanofluids using response surface methodology and particle swarm optimization in a non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm

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Microfluidic viscometers for biochemical and biomedical applications: A review

Potential substitutes for discontinued poly(vinyl acetate) resins used in conservation

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ANN Modeling of Thermal Conductivity and Viscosity of MXene-Based Aqueous IoNanofluid

Graphene oxide‐l‐arginine nanogel: A pH‐sensitive fluorouracil nanocarrier

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Chitosan-capped silver nanoparticles: fabrication, oxidative dissolution, sensing properties, and antimicrobial activity

Effect of Reactive Extrusion Process Parameters on Thermal, Mechanical, and Physical Properties of Recycled Polyamide-6: Comparison of Two Novel Chain Extenders

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Experimental investigation on rheological properties of water based nanofluids with low MWCNT concentrations

Miniaturized Measurement of Drug-Polymer Interactions via Viscosity Increase for Polymer Selection in Amorphous Solid Dispersions.

Relative Viscosity sentence examples within relative viscosity increased


Simple Method for Rheological Determination of Surfactant Layer Thickness, Adsorbed on Soft Rubber Particles.

A 3D LBM-DEM study of sheared particle suspensions under the influence of temperature-dependent viscosity

A new empirical viscosity model for composed suspensions used in experiments of sediment gravity flows

Investigating thermodynamic, acoustic and spectroscopic parameters of rutin trihydrate with cationic surfactant CTAB in hydro-ethanolic solvent systems

Improved heat stability of recombined evaporated milk emulsions by wet heat pretreatment of skim milk powder dispersions

Performance Evaluation of Nano-fluids Based Mineral Oils for Application in Power Transformers

Insights into the conformation and self-association of a concentrated monoclonal antibody using isothermal chemical denaturation and nuclear magnetic resonance.

Phisical and chemical properties of exopolysaccharide of the lactic streptococcus

Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Heat Transfer in Pipe Flows of Temperature Dependent Power-Law Fluids

Comparison between multi-walled carbon nanotubes and titanium dioxide nanoparticles as additives on performance of turbine meter oil nano lubricant

Investigation of intermolecular interactions of anionic surfactant SDS and rutin: A physico-chemical approach for pharmaceutical application

DNA-Binding and Cytotoxicity of Copper(I) Complexes Containing Functionalized Dipyridylphenazine Ligands

Comparative chemical examination of inclusion complexes formed with β-cyclodextrin derivatives and basic amino acids.

Rheological study of low wax content hydrate slurries considering phase interactions

Research on the viscosity of stabilized emulsions in different pipe diameters using pressure drop and phase inversion

Comparison on binding interactions of quercetin and its metal complexes with calf thymus DNA by spectroscopic techniques and viscosity measurement

Effects of volume fraction and particle shape on the rheological properties of oblate spheroid suspensions

Investigating the Influence of Some Polymers on Micellization Behavior of Sodium Caprylate and Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride

Relative viscosity model for oil/water stable emulsion flow within electrical submersible pumps

Resolved CFD–DEM coupling simulation using Volume Penalisation method

Structure analysis and biological functionalities of a nickel(II) complex and its sonochemically synthesized nano form: in vitro anti-proliferation, DNA binding, antibacterial and molecular docking study

Acoustic, thermal and optical properties of organic based disodium tartrate salt

Ultrasonic Investigation of Ni(NO3)2.6H2O in Glycol + Water Solvent at 303.15 K

Rise of a bubble through a self-rewetting fluid under the combined influence of gravity-driven convection and Marangoni convection

Molecular interaction investigation of some alkaline earth metal salts in aqueous citric acid at various temperatures by physiochemical studies

Flow regime transition and liquid distribution in a 3D concurrent downflow three-phase moving bed


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Effect of magnetic field on a microstretch fluid drop embedded in an unbounded another microstretch fluid

Polysaccharide-Peptides-Based Microgels: Characterization, In Vitro Digestibility, and Rheological Behavior of their Suspensions

Sensory and process optimization of a mango bagasse-based beverage with high fiber content and low glycemic index

Rheology of three-phase suspensions determined via dam-break experiments

Viscosity Estimation of a Suspension with Rigid Spheres in Circular Microchannels Using Particle Tracking Velocimetry

PENGARUH PENAMBAHAN CMC TERHADAP KARAKTERISTIK ES KRIM JUS BUAH PEDADA DAN KELAPA MUDA [CMC Addition Effect on Characteristics of Ice Cream Made from Pedada Fruit and Young Coconut Juices]

Contribution of frictional contact during steady and oscillatory shear in the discontinuous shear thickening fluid

Numerical study on the inertial effects of particles on the rheology of a suspension

MWCNT in PEG-400 nanofluids for thermal applications: A chemical, physical and thermal approach

Cysteine-Fe(III) Catalyzed Oxidation of Common Polymer Used in Oilfield by H2O2 in a Wide pH Range

A reverse lyotropic liquid crystal formed by cetylpyridiniumchloride in cyclohexane with the assistance of aromatic counterions

A study on the flow of moderate and high viscosity ratio emulsion through a cylindrical tube

Interaction network analysis in shear thickening suspensions

Miscibility study of poly acrylamide (PAM) and Acacia Senegal (gum arabic) blends

Amperometric Automation and Optimization Paper Microfluidic Viscometer

DNA influence on norfloxacin fluorescence.

Development of a new correlation to determine relative viscosity of heavy oils with varying asphaltene content and temperature

Experimental investigation of effective parameters on MWCNT–TiO 2 /SAE50 hybrid nanofluid viscosity

New insight into the DNA binding studies, In-Vitro anti-cancer activity and molecular modelling of dioxo complexes of Molybdenum(VI) and Tungsten(VI) hydroxamic acids

Investigation with rheological behavior of liquid paraffin/Al2O3 nanofluid: Experimental approach

A novel view of the separate and simultaneous binding effects of docetaxel and anastrozole with calf thymus DNA: Experimental and in silico approaches.

Depicting the binding of furazolidone/furacilin with DNA by multiple spectroscopies, voltammetric as well as molecular docking.

Investigation of Feedstock Preparation for Injection Molding of Oxide–Oxide Ceramic Composites

Nanoencapsulation of quercetin and curcumin in casein-based delivery systems

Therapeutic Challenges for Knee Osteoarthritis


Viscoelastic Response (VisR)-Derived Mechanical Anisotropy for Differentiating Malignant from Benign Breast Lesions in Women, in vivo

Experimental investigation of effective parameters on MWCNT–TiO2/SAE50 hybrid nanofluid viscosity

Variability by Donor Type, Sex, Race, BMI and Within Practitioner in Viscoelastic Response (VisR) Ultrasound Derived Mechanical Anisotropy Assessments in Healthy Kidney Allografts, In Vivo

Simultaneous effects of multi-walled carbon nanotubes and copper oxide nanoparticles on the rheological behavior of cooling oil: application for refrigeration systems.

Master flow curves as a tool to modelling ceramic injection molding

A comparative study on the effect of structural variations of co-solvent on the Tetronic® micelles with widely different hydrophobicity

A fractional model to relative viscosity prediction of water-in-crude oil emulsions

On the shear viscosity of dilute suspension containing elliptical porous particles at low Reynolds number

Comparable investigation of in vitro interactions between three ruthenium(II) arene complexes with curcumin analogs and ctDNA

Self-association of type I collagen directed by thymoquinone through alteration of molecular forces.

Calculation of the Viscosity of a Disperse System of Silver Nanoparticles with Adsorption Polymeric Layer of Copolymer of Ethylene and Maleic Acid in Aqueous Medium

Novel 3D Printed Microfluidic Paper-Based Analytical Device With Integrated Screen-Printed Electrodes for Automated Viscosity Measurements

Effects of multi walled carbon nanotubes shape and size on thermal conductivity and viscosity of nanofluids

Optimization and characterization of inkjet-printed ferroelectric capacitor for human body detection

Experimental Investigation and Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Viscosity of CNT-Water Nanofluid at Different Temperatures and Volume Fractions of Nanoparticles

Predicting the rheology of self-consolidating concrete under hot weather

Fluid medium effect on stresses in suspensions of high-inertia rod-like particles

Statistical investigation for developing a new model for rheological behavior of ZnO–Ag (50%–50%)/Water hybrid Newtonian nanofluid using experimental data

Studying truck transmission oils using the method of thermal-oxidative stability during vehicle operation

Identification of a major QTL and associated marker for high arabinoxylan fibre in white wheat flour

Rheological properties of super critical CO2 with Al2O3: Material type, size and temperature effect

Application of polysaccharide derivatives as novel draw solutes in forward osmosis for desalination and protein concentration

Viscosity of CaO–MgO–Al2O3–SiO2 melts containing SiC particles

Shear viscosity and wall slip behavior of dense suspensions of polydisperse particles a)

Fluoroacrylate-aromatic acrylate copolymers for viscosity enhancement of carbon dioxide

Hydrophobics of CnTAB in an aqueous DMSO–BSA nanoemulsion for the monodispersion of flavonoids

Redlich-Kister Coefficients on the Analysis of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Functional Polymers

Micronomicin/tobramycin binding with DNA: fluorescence studies using of ethidium bromide as a probe and molecular docking analysis

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