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Novel COVID-19 Mortality Rate Prediction (MRP) Model for India Using Regression Model With Optimized Hyperparameter

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Seed Coating in Direct Seeded Rice: An Innovative and Sustainable Approach to Enhance Grain Yield and Weed Management under Submerged Conditions

The Influence of Compost Amendments on Bioaccumulation of Potentially Toxic Elements by Pea Plant Cultivated in Mine Degraded Soils

Labelling environmental and terroir attributes: Young Italian consumers’ wine preferences

Impact of Plant Growth Regulators on Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) Yield and its Attributes

Restoring a butterfly hot spot by large ungulates refaunation: the case of the Milovice military training range, Czech Republic

Investigating an E-commerce business model to act as a bridge between the Australian beef industry and the Chinese market

Vermicompost applications on growth, nutrition uptake and secondary metabolites of Ocimum basilicum L. under water stress: A comprehensive analysis

Assessing the Validity of Mojave Desert Lake Mohave and Silver Lake Projectile-Point Types

A Hidden Gem in the World of Natural Syrup Market: Consumer’s Preferences of Date Syrup in an Emerging Market

Collecting High-Dimensional and Correlation-Constrained Data with Local Differential Privacy

Are Individuals’ stated preferences for electric vehicles (EVs) consistent with real-world EV ownership patterns?

Modeling and Forecasting of Tourism Time Series Data using ANN-Fourier Series Model and Monte Carlo Simulation

Impact of Irrigation on Yield Attributes of Seven Wheat Genotypes

Multivariate Analysis of Morpho-Physiological Traits Reveals Differential Drought Tolerance Potential of Bread Wheat Genotypes at the Seedling Stage

Vaccine preferences driving vaccine-decision making of different target groups: a systematic review of choice-based experiments

Towards Semantic Interoperability in Historical Research: Documenting Research Data and Knowledge with Synthesis

A Data Driven Review of Board Game Design and Interactions of Their Mechanics

Unplanned Emergency and Urgent Care Visits After Outpatient Orthopaedic Surgery

Antecedents of customer WOM in glamping: The critical role of original ecology

Capability of LISEM to estimate flood hydrographs in a watershed with predominance of long-duration rainfall events

Evolution Under Domestication of Correlated Attributes in Two Edible Columnar Cacti in Mexico

Prediction of Parkinson’s Disease Using Machine Learning Models—A Classifier Analysis

Probabilistic Prediction of Multi-Wells Production Based on Production Characteristics Analysis Using Key Factors in Shale Formations

Neighborhood Attributes and Well-Being Among Older Adults in Urban Areas: A Mixed-Methods Systematic Review.

Exploring Sustainable Food Choices Factors and Purchasing Behavior in the Sustainable Development Goals Era in Spain

Subtle discrimination: do stereotypes among teachers trigger bias in their expectations and widen ethnic achievement gaps?

Prediction of House Price Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Evaluation of Prospective Users’ Choice Decision toward Electric Two-Wheelers Using a Stated Preference Survey: An Indian Perspective

289 Rack curtains improve sailors’ sleeping conditions in berthing compartments of the United States Navy (USN) ships

Supplementing transportation data sources with targeted marketing data: Applications, integration, and internal validation

SocAoG: Incremental Graph Parsing for Social Relation Inference in Dialogues

Energy cultures and national decarbonisation pathways

An exploration of right-wing extremist incidents in Atlantic Canada

A novel approach for modulating the spatial distribution of fat globules in acid milk gel and its effect on the perception of fat-related attributes.

Inculcating research skills among medical students during their training

Exogenous Sodium Nitroprusside Mitigates Salt Stress in Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) by Affecting the Growth, Yield, and Biochemical Properties

COVID-19 Testing and Diagnostics: A Review of Commercialized Technologies for Cost, Convenience and Quality of Tests

Enhanced oral oil release and mouthfeel perception of starch emulsion gels.

Fracture and fatigue in additively manufactured metals

Silicon Application Modulates Growth, Physio-Chemicals, and Antioxidants in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Exposed to Different Cadmium Regimes

Stubble Righting Increases the Grain Yield of Ratooning Rice After the Mechanical Harvest of Primary Rice

Consumer perception, mandatory labeling, and traceability of GM soybean oil: evidence from Chinese urban consumers

From byproduct to design factor: on validating the interpretation of process indicators based on log data

Effect of Lactobacillus rhamnosus on Physicochemical Properties of Fermented Plant-Based Raw Materials †

Short Duration Peanut ( Arachis hypogea l.) Hybrid Development: A Solution to the Climate Change

Revegetation intervention of drought-prone coal-mined spoils using Caragana korshinskii under variable water and nitrogen-phosphorus resources

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