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Region Identification sentence examples within Functional Region Identification

Identification of Urban Functional Regions Based on Floating Car Track Data and POI Data

TPM: A GPS-based Trajectory Pattern Mining System

Region Identification sentence examples within Tumor Region Identification

Pathology Image Analysis Using Segmentation Deep Learning Algorithms.

An efficient wavelet and curvelet-based PET image denoising technique

Region Identification sentence examples within Candidate Region Identification

Building Areas Detection From Optical Remote Sensing Images Based on Hierarchical Structure Description

Ship Detection in Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery Based on Discriminative Dictionary Learning

Region Identification sentence examples within Brain Region Identification

Automated Brain Region Segmentation for Single Cell Resolution Histological Images Based on Markov Random Field

Basic Study to Reduce the Artifact in Brain Activity Measuring Data by Using Auto-Regressive Model

Region Identification sentence examples within Conservative Region Identification

Rescuing Biologically Relevant Consensus Regions Across Replicated Samples

The revised complete mitogenome sequence of the tree frog Polypedatesmegacephalus (Anura, Rhacophoridae) by next-generation sequencing and phylogenetic analysis

Region Identification sentence examples within Probable Region Identification

Probable Region Identification and segmentation in Breast Cancer using the DL-CNN

Breast Segmentation and Probable Region Identification for Breast Cancer using DL-CNN

Region Identification sentence examples within Body Region Identification

Body region localization in whole‐body low‐dose CT images of PET/CT scans using virtual landmarks

Machine Friendly Machine Learning: Interpretation of Computed Tomography Without Image Reconstruction

Region Identification sentence examples within region identification accuracy

3D vertebrae labeling in spine CT: an accurate, memory-efficient (Ortho2D) framework

Beyond Word2vec: An approach for urban functional region extraction and identification by combining Place2vec and POIs

Region Identification sentence examples within region identification algorithm

Design space exploration of optimized hybrid SVPWM techniques based on spatial region for three level VSI

Radar-Based Automatic Identification and Quantification of Weak Echo Regions for Hail Nowcasting

Human Mobility Prediction Based on DBSCAN and RNN

ToiletBuilder: A PU-Learning-Based Model for Selecting New Public Toilet Locations

Grape leaf segmentation for disease identification through adaptive Snake algorithm model

Region identification of Xinyang Maojian tea using UHPLC-Q-TOF/MS-based metabolomics coupled with multivariate statistical analyses.

A Sub-Regional Calibration Method That Can Accomplish Error Compensation for Photoelectric Scanning Measurement Network

A Survey on Medical Image Analysis in Capsule Endoscopy.

Identifying the zone affecting the safe operation of DC system in AC/DC hybrid system

Using neural networks to identify the regional and varietal origin of Cabernet and Merlot dry red wines produced in Krasnodar region

Tb Diagnosis System using Genetic Particle Swarm Optimization Based Neural Network Classifier

Geographical-origin discrimination and volatile oil quantitative analysis of Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim. with a portable near-infrared spectrometer

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