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Cultural Policy and Subjective Well-Being in Mexico

China and the Globalisation of Research and Development (OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: China 2008)

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Advanced Hardwood Biofuels Northwest: Commercialization Challenges for the Renewable Aviation Fuel Industry

Smart EHR - A Big-Data Approach to Automated Collection and Processing of Multi-Modal Health Signals in a Doctor-patient Encounter

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A New Record of Bivalve Species, Gari elongata (Lamark, 1818) (Family: Psammobiidae) in Puttlam Estuary, North Western Province, Sri Lanka

A New Species of Scutiger (Anura: Megophryidae) from the Gaoligongshan Mountain Range, China

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Crowdworker Economics in the Gig Economy

Antibiotic prophylaxis: current recommendations in plastic surgery

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The Noetic Experience and Belief Scale: A validation and reliability study.

Hydrothermal scavenging of ^(230)Th on the Southern East Pacific Rise during the last deglaciation

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A COmplex Cloud: Dissecting the Vascular Impact of Hookah Use

Advancing Nutrition Education, Training, and Research for Medical Students, Residents, Fellows, Attending Physicians, and Other Clinicians: Building Competencies and Interdisciplinary Coordination.

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Effect of dioxin-related compounds on oral pigmentation in patients affected by the Yusho incident.

An Insight of Need Analysis in Arabic for Islamic Tourism in Kuala Lumpur City Centre Based on Naqli and Aqli Model

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A Pilot Study of E-Cigarette Naïve Cigarette Smokers and the Effects on Craving After Acute Exposure to E-Cigarettes in the Laboratory.

Biogeochemistry of soil organic matter in agroecosystems & environmental implications.

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Neutropenic diets to prevent cancer infections: updated systematic review and meta-analysis

Nutrition education in medical schools (NEMS). An ESPEN position paper.

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Editorial: Understanding the Child at Risk for Substance Use Disorders: Neuroimaging Addiction Risk.

Evaluation of Febrile Presentation among Children under Five-Years in a Ghanaian District Hospital

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Using IR-based sensors to monitor fugitive greenhouse gas emissions in the Australian context

Recent research advances on interactive machine learning

Dynamic Eyes and Mouth Reinforced LBP Histogram Descriptors Based on Emotion Classification in Video Sequences

Dynamic stagnation: reasons for contraceptive non-use in context of fertility stall

Are medium‐scale farms driving agricultural transformation in sub‐Saharan Africa?

A Review of the Archipini of the Bahamas with the Description of a New Species of Argyrotaenia Stephens (Tortricidae)

Taxonomic revision of dragon lizards in the genus Diporiphora (Reptilia: Agamidae) from the Australian monsoonal tropics

Thirteen facts that you need to know on multiple populations in globular clusters

Sea star wasting disease demography and etiology in the brooding sea star Leptasterias spp.

DNN Based Adaptive Video Streaming Using Combination of Supervised Learning and Reinforcement Learning

Antiviral Plant Extracts

Subdwarf B stars as possible surviving companions in Type Ia supernova remnants

A Survey of Introductory Programming Courses in Ireland

Revisiting the Islamist–Secular divide: Parties and voters in the Arab world

A survey on wearable sensor modality centred human activity recognition in health care

Evolution of opinions in the growth-vs-environment debate: Extended replicator dynamics

A First Course in Predictive Control, Second Edition [Bookshelf]

Archival DNA reveals cryptic biodiversity within the Spotted Shag (Phalacrocorax punctatus) from New Zealand

Ecological Drivers of Invasive Lionfish (Pterois volitans and Pterois miles) Distribution Across Mesophotic Reefs in Bermuda

The Reptiles of Angola: History, Diversity, Endemism and Hotspots

Adenoidectomy technique, surgeon anxiety and augmenting the medical school ENT curriculum.

Identification, Pathogenicity, and Spore Trapping of Colletotrichum karstii Associated with Twig and Shoot Dieback in California.

Predicting landscape-scale summer resource selection for the northern long-eared bat (Myotis septentrionalis) in Iowa

Identification and molecular characterization of Echinococcus canadensis G6/7 in dogs from Corsica, France

The Urology Match Process and the Limited Value of Post-Interview Communication for Program Directors.

Fish Spawning Aggregations Dynamics as Inferred From a Novel, Persistent Presence Robotic Approach

Status of the Topeka Shiner in Iowa

From Promoting Healthy Sexual Functioning to Managing Biomedical Sexual Dysfunction: Health Professional Views of Youth Sexual Health

Synergic effects of biochar and polyacrylamide amendments on the mechanical properties of silt loam soil under coastal reclamation in China

Reasons for South Korean attitudes towards the death penalty: exploring the nexus between strong public support and history of misapplication

Prevention of Iodine Deficiency Disorders in Children in India – the Way Forward

Pulley Ridge, Gulf of Mexico, USA

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