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Exome of Radiation-induced Rat Mammary Carcinoma Shows Copy-number Losses and Mutations in Human-relevant Cancer Genes

Neutron-induced Rat Mammary Carcinomas Are Mainly of Luminal Subtype and Have Multiple Copy Number Aberrations

Photobiomodulation at a wavelength of 633 nm leads to faster functional recovery than 804 nm after facial nerve injury.

Dosimetry in fractionated irradiation of rat brain to evaluate radiobiological response

Age-dependent effects on radiation-induced carcinogenesis in the rat thyroid

Effects of 5-Ion Beam Irradiation and Hindlimb Unloading on Metabolic Pathways in Plasma and Brain of Behaviorally Tested WAG/Rij Rats

Hepatotoxicity and renal toxicity induced by gamma-radiation and the modulatory protective effect of Ficus carica in male albino rats.

Differentiation of Heterogeneous Radiation Exposure Using Hematology and Blood Chemistry

Transoral Low-Level Laser Therapy Via a Cylindrical Device to Treat Oral Ulcers in a Rodent Model.

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