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Sex differences in the ability of corticostriatal oscillations to predict rodent alcohol consumption

The Effects of Feeding Growing Female Rats Different Sources of Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on Lipogenic Gene Expression and Lipid Metabolism in Liver and Adipose Tissues

Stress changes amphetamine response, D2 receptor expression and epigenetic regulation in low-anxiety rats

A unique Lepidopteran assemblage in primary forest understory of central Sri Lanka

Protective Effect of Proanthocyanidins in a Rat Model of Mild Intestinal Inflammation and Impaired Intestinal Permeability Induced by LPS

Correlation between learning and alcoholization in rats

Morphological Characteristics of the Thymus and Spleen and the Subpopulation Composition of Lymphocytes in Peripheral Blood during Systemic Inflammatory Response in Male Rats with Different Resistance to Hypoxia

Evaluation of the efficacy of dietary Canarium schweinfurthii oil inclusion on growth parameters in male albino wistar rats

Generation of bioartificial hearts using decellularized scaffolds and mixed cells

Determinants of Accountability in the Bureaucracy: The Case of Nepal

On the transfer of spatial learning between geometrically different shaped environments in the terrestrial toad, Rhinella arenarum

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