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The rheologically-complex fluid beauty of nail lacquer formulations.

Multiscale Simulations of Polymer Flow Between Two Parallel Plates

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A new short-term aging model for asphalt binders based on rheological activation energy

GAFF-IC: realistic viscosities for isocyanate molecules with a GAFF-based force field

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New effective pressure and existence of global strong solution for compressible Navier-Stokes equations with general viscosity coefficient in one dimension

A dynamic model for viscoelastic materials with prescribed growing cracks

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Stick-slip dynamics of migrating cells on viscoelastic substrates.

Stick-Slip Dynamics of Migrating Cells on Viscoelastic Substrates

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Impact of sonication on slurry shear -thinning of protein from sea cucumber (Apostichopus japonicus): Proteolytic reaction kinetics, thermodynamics, and conformational modification

Radial Injectivity of an Associative Polymer for EOR

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High-Temperature, High-Pressure Viscosities and Densities of n-Hexadecane, 2,2,4,4,6,8,8-Heptamethylnonane, and Squalane Measured Using a Universal Calibration for a Rolling-Ball Viscometer/Densimeter

Phase behavior and dynamics of Pluronic®-based additives in semidilute solutions of poly(ethersulfone) and poly(N-vinyl pyrrolidone): rheological and dynamic light scattering experiments

Time-dependent Diffusion in Brain Abscesses Investigated with Oscillating-gradient Spin-echo.

Steady and Oscillatory Shear Flow Behavior of Different Polysaccharides with Laponite®

An improved Capillary Breakup Extensional Rheometer to characterize weakly rate-thickening fluids: Applications in synthetic automotive oils

Global existence of finite energy weak solutions to the Quantum Navier-Stokes equations with non-trivial far-field behavior

A handy skin wound dressing prepared by alginate and cationic nanofibrillated cellulose derived from solid residues of herbs

Amide-based deep eutectic solvents containing LiFSI and NaFSI salts as superionic electrolytes for supercapacitor applications.

Formulation and characterisation of alginate hydrocolloid film dressing loaded with gallic acid for potential chronic wound healing

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[Preparation of personalized traditional Chinese medicine condensed water pill without excipients based on correlation between concentrate viscosity and molding quality].

Influences of particle micro behavior on gas-hydrate slurry flow pattern in pipeline

Cold start analysis of an engine coolant-MWCNT nanofluid: Synthesis and viscosity behavior under shear stress

Transient response of near-wellbore supercharging during filter cake growth

A strategy for the dissolution and separation of rare earth oxides by novel Brønsted acidic deep eutectic solvents

A rheological study of the bioleaching process of an iron ore for the elimination of gangue minerals

Optimal decay rates on compressible Navier–Stokes equations with degenerate viscosity and vacuum

High-Pressure Density of Bis(1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium) TetraisothiocyanatocobaltateIonic Liquids: Experimental and PC-SAFT with Volume-Shift Modeling

Determining Critical Micelle Concentrations of Surfactants Based on Viscosity Calculations from Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Global existence of weak solutions to the compressible quantum Navier-Stokes equations with degenerate viscosity.

Behavior of the self-compacting mortar with sugarcane bagasse ash in the fresh and hardened state

Substrate viscosity plays an important role in bacterial adhesion under fluid flow.

Cauchy problem of the one-dimensional compressible viscous radiative and reactive gas with degenerate density dependent viscosity

Quantum Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Transport Properties of Liquid Plutonium

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Tailor the Rheological Properties of Silver Front Side Metallization Paste for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells

Experimental Study on Self-Compacting Concrete with Replacement Material’s

Evaluation and validation of an inline Coriolis flowmeter to measure dynamic viscosity during laboratory and pilot-scale food processing

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