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Accelerated warming in the northern midlatitude summer since the 1990s

Farmers and herders reclaim cropland to adapt to climate change in the eastern Tibetan Plateau: a case study in Zamtang County, China

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DOM degradation by light and microbes along the Yukon River-coastal ocean continuum

The impact of glaciers on mountain erosion

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Evolving air-sea interaction due to sea-ice retreat points to a re-organisation of water mass transformation in the Nordic and Barents Seas

Environmental drivers define contrasting microbial habitats, diversity, and community structure in Lake Baikal, Siberia

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Using Oscillatory Processes in Northern Hemisphere Proxy Temperature Records to Forecast Industrial-era Temperatures

Effect of Warming Process on the Survival of Cryopreserved Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells.

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Predicting Global Terrestrial Biomes with Convolutional Neural Network

Seasonal evolution differences of east Asian summer monsoon precipitation between Bølling-Allerød and younger Dryas periods

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Overcoming model instability in tree-ring-based temperature reconstructions using a multi-species method: A case study from the Changbai Mountains, northeastern China

Accelerated warming in the northern midlatitude summer since the 1990s

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Kalman Filter Harmonic Bank for Vostok Ice Core Data Analysis and Climate Predictions

Regime shift in the decadal variability of the Indian Ocean subsurface temperature

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High‐Resolution Global Water Temperature Modeling

Holocene mean annual air temperature (MAAT) reconstruction based on branched glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers from Lake Ximenglongtan, southwestern China

The signal of climate changes over the last two millennia in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, eastern Canada

Southwest monsoon-driven changes in the phytoplankton community structure in the central Arabian Sea (2017–2018): After two decades of JGOFS

Experimental study on variation law of electrical parameters and temperature rise effect of coal under DC electric field

Assessing Arctic Ground Surface Temperatures from Borehole Temperatures and Paleoclimatic Model Simulations

Risk and vulnerability of Mongolian grasslands under climate change

A cost-efficient low-weight autonomous profiler for measurements in polar coastal waters and other regions with strong density gradients

Small-volume vitrification and rapid warming yield high survivals of one-cell rat embryos in cryotubes†

Parasitism and host behavior in the context of a changing environment: The Holocene record of the commercially important bivalve Chamelea gallina, northern Italy

As the Arctic becomes boreal: ongoing shifts in a high-Arctic seabird community.

[Responses of radial growth of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica and Larix gmelinii to climate change].

Trend analysis of seasonal rainfall and temperature pattern in Damota Gale districts of Wolaita Zone, Ethiopia

Extreme temperature of the mid-eighteenth century as compared to todays in Beijing

Projection of extreme precipitation induced by Arctic amplification over the Northern Hemisphere

Short-term storage of seeds and cryopreservation of embryonic axes of Lepisanthes fruticosa

Wildfire and climate change adaptation of western North American forests: a case for intentional management.

Morphological response accompanying size reduction of belemnites during an Early Jurassic hyperthermal event modulated by life history

Increasing shrub damage by invertebrate herbivores in the warming and drying tundra of West Greenland.

High-altitude tree growth responses to climate change across the Hindu Kush Himalaya

Spatial variations in the warming trend and the transition to more severe weather in midlatitudes

Tidewater glacier retreat in Antarctica: The table is set for fast-growing opportunistic species, is it?

Declining greenness in Arctic-boreal lakes

Challenges in Reconciling Satellite-Based and Locally Reported Estimates of Wetland Change: A Case of Topographically Constrained Wetlands on the Eastern Tibetan Plateau

Enhanced scaling effects significantly lower the ability of MODIS normalized difference snow index to estimate fractional and binary snow cover on the Tibetan Plateau

Adding climate change to the mix: responses of aquatic ectotherms to the combined effects of eutrophication and warming

Quantifying the influences of land surface parameters on LST variations based on GeoDetector model in Syr Darya Basin, Central Asia

Cold truths: What does a warmer Arctic mean for carbon budgets consistent with the Paris Agreement?

Synoptic atmospheric circulation patterns associated with deep persistent slab avalanches in the western United States

Different response of earlywood vessel features of Fraxinus mandshurica to rapid warming in warm-dry and cold-wet areas

Long-term climate-influenced land cover change in discontinuous permafrost peatland complexes

Plant uptake of CO2 outpaces losses from permafrost and plant respiration on the Tibetan Plateau

Delivering embryos following 10 years of cryopreservation, using unpaired freeze/thaw techniques: A case report

Warming homogenizes apparent temperature sensitivity of ecosystem respiration

Research on Promoting Night Tourism and Night Economic Development in Guilin City

Warming in shallow waters: Seasonal response of stress biomarkers in a tide pool fish

Unexpected Negative Effect of Available Water Capacity Detected on Recent Conifer Forest Growth Trends Across Wide Environmental Gradients

Reply on RC1

Redating the Global Abrupt Sea-Level Rise during Meltwater Pulse-1A and Implications for Global Ice Mass Loss

Variability of Acoustically Evidenced Methane Bubble Emissions Offshore Western Svalbard

Significant Impact of Rossby Waves on Air Pollution Detected by Network Analysis

Contrasting climate-growth relationship between Larix gmelinii and Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica along a latitudinal gradient in Daxing’an Mountains, China

Recent Acceleration of Arabian Sea Warming Induced by the Atlantic‐Western Pacific Trans‐basin Multidecadal Variability

Metabarcoding assessment of prokaryotic and eukaryotic taxa in sediments from Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Hudson Bay Climate Change and Local Winter Wind Circulation

One health in the circumpolar North

Southern Hemisphere subtropical drying as a transient response to warming

Response of Four Tree Species to Changing Climate in a Moisture-Limited Area of South Siberia

Calibration of the pH-δ11B and temperature-Mg/Li proxies in the long-lived high-latitude crustose coralline red alga Clathromorphum compactum via controlled laboratory experiments

The longest homogeneous series of grape harvest dates, Beaune 1354–2018, and its significance for the understanding of past and present climate

Consistent fluctuations in intermediate water temperature off the coast of Greenland and Norway during Dansgaard-Oeschger events

The last Scottish Ice Sheet

Pathways for Ecological Change in Canadian High Arctic Wetlands Under Rapid Twentieth Century Warming

Objective extraction and analysis of statistical features of Dansgaard–Oeschger events

Snowmelt and early to mid-growing season water availability augment tree growth during rapid warming in southern Asian boreal forests.

UKESM1: Description and Evaluation of the U.K. Earth System Model

Twofold expansion of the Indo-Pacific warm pool warps the MJO life cycle

Using MODIS Land Surface Temperatures for Permafrost Thermal Modeling in Beiluhe Basin on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Reconstruction of ice conditions in the northern Chukchi Sea during recent centuries: Geochemical proxy compared with observed data

Investigating Ocean Deoxygenation During the PETM Through the Cr Isotopic Signature of Foraminifera

Substantial increase in minimum lake surface temperatures under climate change

Objective extraction and analysis of statistical features of Dansgaard–Oeschger events

Weather induced subtidal flows through multiple inlets of an arctic microtidal lagoon

Divergent growth between spruce and fir at alpine treelines on the east edge of the Tibetan Plateau in response to recent climate warming

An analysis of the impacts of Cretaceous oceanic anoxic events on global molluscan diversity dynamics

Cryopreservation as a Method to Preserve Some Fruit and Berry Crops and Wild Medicinal Plants

How fast are the oceans warming?

Biological transformation of Arctic dissolved organic matter in a NE Greenland fjord

A structural equation model linking past and present plant diversity in Alaska: a framework for evaluating future change

N2O changes from the Last Glacial Maximum to the preindustrial – Part 1: Quantitative reconstruction of terrestrial and marine emissions using N2O stable isotopes in ice cores

Cloud cover and delayed herbivory relative to timing of spring onset interact to dampen climate change impacts on net ecosystem exchange in a coastal Alaskan wetland

Alluvial record of an early Eocene hyperthermal, Castissent Formation, Pyrenees, Spain

Atmospheric Warming Slowdown during 1998–2013 Associated with Increasing Ocean Heat Content

Satellite-based regional warming hiatus in China and its implication.

Ocean recoveries for tomorrow’s Earth: Hitting a moving target

Temporal and spatial trends in marine carbon isotopes in the Arctic Ocean and implications for food web studies

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