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Artificial Neural Network- (ANN-) Based Proxy Model for Fast Performances’ Forecast and Inverse Schedule Design of Steam-Flooding Reservoirs

Artificial Intelligence-Based Ensemble Model for Rapid Prediction of Heart Disease

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Effects of Grain Size Distribution on Landslide Dam Breaching—Insights From Recent Cases in China

Learning properties of ordered and disordered materials from multi-fidelity data

Rapid Prediction sentence examples within Enable Rapid Prediction

AlphaDesign: A de novo protein design framework based on AlphaFold

Microstructure-sensitive estimation of fatigue life using cyclic thermodynamic entropy as an index for metals

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A simplified approach to assist process development for microwave assisted pasteurization of packaged food products

Comparison of soil nonlinearity (in situ stress-strain relation and G/Gmax reduction) observed in strong-motion databases and modeled in ground-motion prediction equations

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Rapid tidal reconstruction with UTide and the ADCIRC tidal database

Rapid tidal reconstruction for the Coastal Hazards System and StormSim part II : Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands

Rapid Prediction sentence examples within rapid prediction method

Rapid prediction of the state of charge and health of retired power batteries based on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

Assessment of Numerical Method by Experimental Data for Integrated Hypersonic Vehicles

Rapid Prediction sentence examples within rapid prediction approach

Rotordynamic Characteristics of the Straight-Through Labyrinth Seal Based On the Applicability Analysis of Leakage Models Using Bulk-Flow Method

EDTA functionalized magnetic biochar for Pb(II) removal: Adsorption performance, mechanism and SVM model prediction

Rapid Prediction sentence examples within rapid prediction model

The Rapid Data-Driven Prediction Method of Coupled Fluid–Thermal–Structure for Hypersonic Vehicles

Rapid Quantification of Riboflavin in Milk by Front-Face Fluorescence Spectroscopy: A Preliminary Study

Rapid Prediction sentence examples within rapid prediction system

Rapid tidal reconstruction with UTide and the ADCIRC tidal database

Rapid tidal reconstruction for the Coastal Hazards System and StormSim part II : Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands

A Rapid Approach for the Prediction of Seismic Ground Motion in Urban Areas

A Comparative Analysis of Novel Deep Learning and Ensemble Learning Models to Predict the Allergenicity of Food Proteins

Intelligent Prediction Model of the Triaxial Compressive Strength of Rock Subjected to Freeze-Thaw Cycles Based on a Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network

Prediction method of successive commutation failure for multi-infeed high voltage direct current systems under fault of weak receiving-end grid

Carbon stable isotopes, fatty acids and the use of NIRS to differentiate IBERIAN pigs.

A Comparative Analysis of Novel Deep Learning and Ensemble Learning Models to Predict the Allergenicity of Food Proteins

Predicting Key Grassland Characteristics from Hyperspectral Data

A cavitation performance prediction method for pumps PART2-sensitivity and accuracy

Revving up 13C NMR shielding predictions across chemical space: benchmarks for atoms-in-molecules kernel machine learning with new data for 134 kilo molecules

A Prediction Model for Deformation Behavior of Concrete Face Rockfill Dams Based on the Threshold Regression Method

Construction of linear temperature model using non-dimensional heat exchange ratio: Towards fast prediction of indoor temperature and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems control

HuRAI: A brain-inspired computational model for human-robot auditory interface

Efficient Aerodynamic Analysis of Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicle using Local Surface Inclination Method based on Unstructured Meshes

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Computationally-efficient thermal simulations of large Li-ion battery packs using submodeling technique

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Prediction method for thermal-hydraulic parameters of nuclear reactor system based on deep learning algorithm

Rapid Prediction of Strong Ground Motions from Major Earthquakes: An Example in the Wudu Basin, Sichuan, China

Ultimate strength analysis of longitudinal bending of hull girder based on image analysis

Temperature monitoring and prediction under different transmission modes

Study on an Intelligent Prediction Method of Ticket Price in a Subway System with Public-Private Partnership

Predicting energy consumption for residential buildings using ANN through parametric modeling

The ecological dynamics of the coronavirus epidemics during transmission from outside sources when R0 is successfully managed below one

Backbone curves, Neimark-Sacker boundaries and appearance of quasi-periodicity in nonlinear oscillators: application to 1:2 internal resonance and frequency combs in MEMS

Predicting BOD under Various Hydrological Conditions in the Dongjin River Basin Using Physics-Based and Data-Driven Models

A Gateway to Rapid Prediction of Water Quality: A Case Study in China’s South-to-North Water Diversion Project

Artificial Neural Networks Modeling Technology for Substrate Integrated Suspended Line

Mining hyperspectral data for non-destructive and rapid prediction of nitrite content in ham sausages

Deep learning-based object recognition in multispectral satellite imagery for real-time applications

Novel high voltage polymer insulators using computational and data-driven techniques.

Exploring deep learning approaches to predict hourly evolution of surge levels

Rapid Prediction of Long-term Deflections in Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges Through a Neural Network Model

Rapid prediction of fatigue life based on thermodynamic entropy generation

Preliminary evaluation of the LASSO method for prediction of the relative power density distribution in mixed oxide (Pu,DU)O2 fuel pellets

Interval support vector regression enables high-throughput machine learning predictions for dielectric constant of polymer dielectrics

Predicting the invasion of the acoustic niche: Potential distribution and call transmission efficiency of a newly introduced frog in Cuba

Research on Time Series Prediction Model for the Trend of Corrosion Rate

Emergency prediction algorithm for leakage and diffusion of flammable and explosive gas at sea port

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[Fast determination of mineral elements in wheat flour by near-infrared spectroscopy].

Prediction of the mechanical properties of isotropic pure metal-based and two-phase alloy-based porous materials using modified analytical models

Simultaneous quantitative analysis of 3H and 14C radionuclides in aqueous samples via artificial neural network with a liquid scintillation counter.

An Overview of Key Factors Affecting Genomic Selection for Wheat Quality Traits

Prediction of In-hospital Mortality among Adults with COVID-19 Infection

Machine learning builds full-QM precision protein force fields in seconds.

Predicting hydration layers on surfaces using deep learning

X-ray fluorescence spectrometry for rapid screening of particle size in soils

A Fuzzy Neural Network Model for Rapid Prediction of Optimal Positive Airway Pressures in OSAS Patients.

effectR: An expandable R package to predict candidate RxLR and CRN effectors in oomycetes using motif searches.

Rapid Prediction of Low-Boom and Aerodynamic Performance of Supersonic Transport Aircraft Using Panel Methods

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A pragmatic approach for simulating the fluid flow and heat transfer within industrial evaporator vessels

Prediction of total protein and intact casein in cheddar cheese using a low-cost handheld short-wave near-infrared spectrometer

Development and Testing of a Portable Soil Nitrogen Detector Based on Near-infrared Spectroscopy

Spectroscopic determination of leaf chlorophyll content and color for genetic selection on Sassafras tzumu

A Neural-network-based Approach to Study the Energy-optimal Hovering Wing Kinematics of a Bionic Hawkmoth Model

The thermal shock resistance prediction of porous ceramic sandwich structures with temperature-dependent material properties

Surveying the landscape of tRNA modifications by combining tRNA sequencing and RNA mass spectrometry

Comparison of multivariate models and variable selection algorithms for rapid analysis of the chemical composition of field crops

International Comparison of Rates and Major Functions in the Wholesale Market of Fruits and Vegetables - Mainly Korea, Japan and France

An analytical model for rapid prediction and compensation of springback for chain-die forming of an AHSS U-channel

Comparison of different approaches for modeling of heavy metal estimations

Prediction analytics of myocardial infarction through model-driven deep deterministic learning

Erosion-based analysis of breaching of Baige landslide dams on the Jinsha River, China, in 2018

Comparison and rapid prediction of lignocellulose and organic elements of a wide variety of rice straw based on near infrared spectroscopy

The significance of artificial intelligence in drug delivery system design.

Rapid prediction of real-time thermal characteristics, solidification parameters and microstructure in laser directed energy deposition (powder-fed additive manufacturing)

Online in situ prediction of 3-D flame evolution from its history 2-D projections via deep learning

Maneuverability Simulations for Twin-Waterjet Propulsion Vessel

Rapid prediction of the re-watering time point of Orychophragmus violaceus L. based on the online monitoring of electrophysiological indexes

LW-NIR hyperspectral imaging for rapid prediction of TVC in chicken flesh

Fast Seizure Detection from EEG Using Machine Learning

Improved strength, modulus and tolerable ductility of ortho-phthalic polyester biocomposites reinforced with keratinous bio-resource

Apa1 (rs7975232) SNP in the vitamin D receptor is linked to hepatocellular carcinoma in hepatitis C virus cirrhosis

Modelling the CO2 hydrogenation reaction over Co, Ni and Ru/Al2O3

Simultaneous quantitative analysis of four metal elements in oily sludge by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy coupled with wavelet transform-random forest (WT-RF)

A Heuristic Derived from Analysis of the Ion Channel Structural Proteome Permits the Rapid Identification of Hydrophobic Gates

Rapid Identification and Quality Evaluation of Medicinal Centipedes in China Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Integrated with Support Vector Machine Algorithm

A high-performance approach for predicting donor splice sites based on short window size and imbalanced large samples

A single-enzyme system for starch digestibility screening and its relevance to understanding and predicting the glycaemic index of food products.

Prediction of asphalt complex viscosity by artificial neural network based on Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

Approximating the Solution of Surface Wave Propagation Using Deep Neural Networks

Effect of hindered internal rotation treatments on predicting the thermodynamic properties of alkanes.

Predicting the cell-wall compositions of solid Pinus radiata (radiata pine) wood using NIR and ATR FTIR spectroscopies

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Prediction method of thermal errors of the screw system in lathes based on moving thermal network

Dynamic response and damage analysis of steel box wall under internal blast loading

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