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A flood inundation forecast of Hurricane Harvey using a continental-scale 2D hydrodynamic model

Understanding the impact of C60 at the interface of perovskite solar cells via drift-diffusion modeling

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Increasing cerebral blood flow improves cognition into late stages in Alzheimer’s disease mice

Increasing cerebral blood flow improves cognition into late stages in Alzheimer’s disease mice

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Clinical efficacy of launched JAK inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis

The JAK inhibitors: do they bring a paradigm shift for the management of rheumatic diseases?

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Chemotherapy for frail and elderly patients (pts) with advanced gastroesophageal cancer (aGOAC): Quality of Life (QoL) results from the GO2 phase III trial

Effectiveness and safety of certolizumab pegol in rheumatoid arthritis patients in Canadian practice: 2-year results from the observational FαsT-CAN study

Conclusion and Policy Implications

Weighing Giants: Taking Stock of the Expansion of China’s Defence Industry

Apply computer vision in GUI automation for industrial applications.

Action Observation for Neurorehabilitation in Apraxia

Adversarial Attacks Against Automatic Speech Recognition Systems via Psychoacoustic Hiding

[Recent Developments in a Automated Diagnosis of Pathological Images and Three-dimensional Histopathology].

Rapid Changes in Laboratory Parameters and Early Response to Adalimumab: A Pooled Analysis From Patients With Ulcerative Colitis in Two Clinical Trials

Efficacy, Safety, and Patient-Reported Outcomes in Patients with Moderate-to-Severe Plaque Psoriasis Treated with Brodalumab for 5 Years in a Long-Term, Open-Label, Phase II Study

Improving the Robustness of Question Answering Systems to Question Paraphrasing

Big Medical Data Decision-Making Intelligent System Exploiting Fuzzy Inference Logic for Prostate Cancer in Developing Countries

Motor unit number index (MUNIX) in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy: A potential role in monitoring response to intravenous immunoglobulins

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NITI Aayog Health Index: Wrong Symptoms and an Erroneous Diagnosis

Advances in mass spectrometry imaging enabling observation of localised lipid biochemistry within tissues

The impact of artificial intelligence in medicine on the future role of the physician

The effects of dry needling and neurodynamic exercise on idiopathic peripheral neuropathy: A case report.

The therapeutic efficacy of intravenous immunoglobulin in anti-neutrophilic cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis: a meta-analysis.

Mobile Targeting Using Customer Trajectory Patterns

Arthroscopic release for frozen shoulder: Does the timing of intervention and diabetes affect outcome?

Automatic Acquisition of Annotated Training Corpora for Test-Code Generation

Efficacies and Related Issues of Ustekinumab in Japanese Patients with Crohn’s Disease: A Preliminary Study

The Best of All Worlds: Streptococcus pneumoniae Conjunctivitis through the Lens of Community Ecology and Microbial Biogeography

Application of fuzzy cognitive map-based TRIZ inventive principles for sustainable sediment management in dam reservoirs

Design of a Distributed Control System with Fuzzy Logic Controller and PLC in Wireless Sensor Network Based Industrial Environments and Monitoring the System with RFID

The Potential Procognitive Effects of Modafinil in Major Depressive Disorder: A Systematic Review.

Influence of Vestibular Diagnosis and Management on Recommended Discharge Environment for Hospitalized Inpatients

The Evolution of Dental Materials over the Past Century: Silver and Gold to Tooth Color and Beyond

When to Stop? A New Stop Criterion for Combinatorial Optimization Search Techniques

Essays in High Dimensional Time Series Analysis

Application of Common ANN for Similar Datatypes in On-line Monitoring and Security Estimation of Power System

Amniotic Allograft Implantation for Midface Aging Correction: A Retrospective Comparative Study with Platelet-Rich Plasma

Weight Loss Directly Influences Intermediate-Term Remission of Diabetes Mellitus After Bariatric Surgery: A Retrospective Case-Control Study

Incorporating features of autonomous vehicles in activity-based travel demand model for Columbus, OH

Immersive Three-Dimensional Modeling and Virtual Reality for Enhanced Visualization of Operative Neurosurgical Anatomy.

Signature-Based Morse Code Encoding for a LED-Based optical Layer 2 data communication

The Silverman Andersen respiratory severity score can be simplified and still predicts increased neonatal respiratory support

HPC: Hierarchical phylogeny construction

Flexible Patterns for Soft 3D Printed Fabrications

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