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Integrating Sequence Capture and Restriction Site-Associated DNA Sequencing to Resolve Recent Radiations of Pelagic Seabirds

Phylogenomic data reveal hard polytomies across the backbone of the large genus Solanum (Solanaceae)

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Tip-dating and the origin of Telluraves.

To mate, or not to mate: The evolution of reproductive diapause facilitates insect radiation into African savannahs in the Late Miocene

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Recent diversification in the high Andes: unveiling the evolutionary history of the Ecuadorian hillstar,Oreotrochilus chimborazo(Apodiformes: Trochilidae)

Female × male and male × male interactions have limited influence on competitive fertilization in Drosophila melanogaster

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Justicieae II: Resolved Placement of Many Genera and Recognition of a New Lineage Sister to Isoglossinae

CD4 receptor diversity represents an ancient protection mechanism against primate lentiviruses

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Whole genome based insights into the phylogeny and evolution of the Juglandaceae

Phylogenomic reconstruction addressing the Peltigeralean backbone (Lecanoromycetes, Ascomycota)

Brassinosteroids regulate petal spur length in Aquilegia by controlling cell elongation.

Ongoing Global and Regional Adaptive Evolution of SARS-CoV-2

Telehealth Innovations in Remote Healthcare Services Delivery

Rapid Access to Diverse Potassium Acyltrifluoroborates (KATs) through Late-Stage Chemoselective Cross-Coupling Reactions.

Evolutionary dynamics driving continental radiations of Fagaceae forests across the Northern Hemisphere

Rapid sequence evolution driven by transposable elements at a virulence locus in a fungal wheat pathogen

Rapid sequence evolution driven by transposable elements at a virulence locus in a fungal wheat pathogen

Nonadaptive radiation of the gut microbiome in an adaptive radiation of Cyprinodon pupfishes with minor shifts for scale-eating

A Review of the Neoproterozoic Global Glaciations and a Biotic Cause of Them

Beyond Drosophila: resolving the rapid radiation of schizophoran flies with phylotranscriptomics

Efficient Hydro- and Organogelation by Minimalistic Diketopiperazines Containing a Highly Insoluble Aggregation-Induced, Blue-Shifted Emission Luminophore*.

Precipitation of Marinoan cap carbonate from Mn-enriched seawater

Rapid radiation and rampant reticulation: Phylogenomics of South American Liolaemus lizards.

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The Role of Epigenetic Mechanisms in B Cell Lymphoma Pathogenesis

Construction of Complex Cyclobutane Building Blocks by Photosensitized [2 + 2] Cycloaddition of Vinyl Boronate Esters.

Global Carboniferous brachiopod biostratigraphy

The nutritional environment is sufficient to select coexisting biofilm and quorum-sensing mutants of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Ongoing global and regional adaptive evolution of SARS-CoV-2

Working in the borderlands: critical perspectives on doctoral education

Enzymatic Late‐Stage Modifications: Better Late Than Never

Cross-Species Transmission of Coronaviruses in Humans and Domestic Mammals, What Are the Ecological Mechanisms Driving Transmission, Spillover, and Disease Emergence?

Bee flowers drive macroevolutionary diversification in long-horned bees

Explosive radiation at the origin of Old World fruit bats (Chiroptera, Pteropodidae)

Phylogenomic approach reveals strong signatures of introgression in the rapid diversification of Neotropical true fruit flies (Anastrepha: Tephritidae).

Mitogenome and phylogenetic analyses support rapid diversification among species groups of small-eared shrews genus Cryptotis (Mammalia: Eulipotyphla: Soricidae).

Evolution and dispersal of snakes across the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction

Feroxichthys panzhouensis sp. nov., a hump-backed colobodontid (Neopterygii, Actinopterygii) from the early Middle Triassic of Panzhou, Guizhou, China

Evolutionary relationships among the snakelike pygopodid lizards: a review of phylogenetic studies of an enigmatic Australian adaptive radiation

Oxidative Dehydrosulfurative Carbon-Oxygen Cross-Coupling of 3,4-Dihydropyrimidine-2-thiones with Aryl Alcohols.

Biogeographic history and environmental niche evolution in the Palearctic genus Helianthemum (Cistaceae).

Muscle systems and motility of early animals highlighted by cnidarians from the basal Cambrian

Molecular Evolution of Ecological Specialisation: Genomic Insights from the Diversification of Murine Rodents

Reticulate evolution in conidae: evidence of nuclear and mitochondrial introgression.

The Archean origin of oxygenic photosynthesis and extant cyanobacterial lineages

Ecological and geological processes impacting speciation modes drive the formation of wide‐range disjunctions within tribe Putorieae (Rubiaceae)

Morphological selectivity of the Permian-Triassic ammonoid mass extinction

Nonadaptive radiation of the gut microbiome in an adaptive radiation of Cyprinodon pupfishes with minor shifts for scale-eating

Rapid sequence evolution driven by transposable elements at a virulence locus in a fungal wheat pathogen

Comparing diversification rates in lakes, rivers, and the sea

Cross-Species Transmission of Emerging Coronaviruses in Humans and Domestic Mammals

Genome Skimming Reveals Widespread Hybridization in a Neotropical Flowering Plant Radiation

Ecological constraints on highly evolvable olfactory receptor genes and morphology

Machine Learning Solvation Environments in Conductive Polymers: Application to ProDOT-2Hex with Solvent Swelling

Phylogenetic comparative methods improve the selection of characters for generic delimitations in a hyperdiverse Neotropical orchid clade

tartan underlies the evolution of Drosophila male genital morphology

The rise of the Andes promoted rapid diversification in Neotropical Phlegmariurus (Lycopodiaceae).

Serine substitutions are linked to codon usage and differ for variable and conserved protein regions

A comparative study to assess the level of stress and coping strategies among married working and non-working women residing in selected urban areas of Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Live fast, diversify non-adaptively: evolutionary diversification of exceptionally short-lived annual killifishes

Iodine content of the carbonates from the Doushantuo Formation and shallow ocean redox change on the Ediacaran Yangtze Platform, South China

A rapidly evolving polybasic motif modulates bacterial detection by guanylate binding proteins

Role of ancient lakes in genetic and phenotypic diversification of freshwater snails

Post K-Pg diversification of the mammalian order Eulipotyphla as suggested by phylogenomic analyses of ultra-conserved elements.

Disentangling Sources of Gene Tree Discordance in Phylotranscriptomic Datasets: A Case Study from Amaranthaceae s.l.

A dated molecular perspective of eucalypt taxonomy, evolution and diversification

Trait-based range expansion aided in the global radiation of Crocodylidae

Modular, stereocontrolled Cβ–H/Cα–C activation of alkyl carboxylic acids

Sexual Dichromatism Drives Diversification within a Major Radiation of African Amphibians.

Testing the role of trait reversal in evolutionary diversification using song loss in wild crickets

A draft genome and transcriptome of common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) as resources for evolutionary, ecological, and molecular studies in milkweeds and Apocynaceae

Data Analysis of Shipment for Textiles and Apparel from Logistics Warehouse to Store Considering Disposal Risk

Memory and CAR‐NK cell‐based novel approaches for HIV vaccination and eradication

Multiple historical processes obscure phylogenetic relationships in a taxonomically difficult group (Lobariaceae, Ascomycota)

Diversification rates have no effect on the convergent evolution of foraging strategies in the most speciose genus of bats, Myotis *

Exons, Introns, and UCEs Reveal Conflicting Phylogenomic Signals in a Rapid Radiation of Frogs (Ranidae: Hylarana)

Coalescent-based species delimitation in the sand lizards of the Liolaemus wiegmannii complex (Squamata: Liolaemidae).

Coordinated biotic and abiotic change during the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event: Darriwilian assembly of early Paleozoic building blocks

Conotoxins: Chemistry and Biology.

Coupled evolution of nitrogen cycling and redoxcline dynamics on the Yangtze Block across the Ediacaran-Cambrian transition

The Origin and Early Evolution of the Legumes are a Complex Paleopolyploid Phylogenomic Tangle closely associated with the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) Boundary

Testing multiple hypotheses for the high endemic plant diversity of the Tibetan Plateau

Phylogenomic delineation of Physcomitrium (Bryophyta: Funariaceae) based on targeted sequencing of nuclear exons and their flanking regions rejects the retention of Physcomitrella, Physcomitridium and Aphanorrhegma

A new phylogenetic hypothesis of turtles with implications for the timing and number of evolutionary transitions to marine lifestyles in the group

A draft genome and transcriptome of common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) as resources for evolutionary, ecological, and molecular studies in milkweeds and Apocynaceae

A consensus phylogenomic approach highlights paleopolyploid and rapid radiation in the history of Ericales

First occurrence of a Tylosaurinae mosasaur from the Turonian of the Central Apennines, Italy

Novel synthetic opioids: A review of the literature

Resolving Deep Nodes in an Ancient Radiation of Neotropical Fishes in the Presence of Conflicting Signals from Incomplete Lineage Sorting.

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