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Rapid Cycle sentence examples within rapid cycle deliberate

Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice Improves Retention of Pediatric Resuscitation Skills Compared With Postsimulation Debriefing.

Observational Study on the Effect of Duration from Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Certification on PALS Performance in Pediatric Interns in Simulated Cardiopulmonary Arrest

Rapid Cycle sentence examples within rapid cycle improvement

A Quality Improvement Initiative to Reduce Rejected Laboratory Samples and Enhance Specimen Acceptability.

Exploration of a quality improvement process to standardised preoperative tests for a surgical procedure to reduce waste

Rapid Cycle sentence examples within rapid cycle quality

Improving Access to Integrated Behavioral Health in a Nurse-Led Federally Qualified Health Center.


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Rapid Cycle sentence examples within rapid cycle testing

Combining Improvement and Implementation Sciences and Practices for the Post COVID-19 Era

P98 Refining a Maternal Self-Care Intervention to Promote Family Health Using the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) Model

Rapid Cycle sentence examples within rapid cycle time

Realist analysis of streaming interventions in emergency departments

Effects of pressure, boundary conditions, and cutting reliefs on thermo-hydroforming of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite helmet based on numerical optimization:

Rapid Cycle sentence examples within rapid cycle qi



Rapid Cycle sentence examples within rapid cycle learning

Culture of Health Leaders: Building a Diverse Network to Advance Health Equity

An Innovative Three-Step Method for Identifying Exemplars

Rapid Cycle sentence examples within rapid cycle test

Care and Coping During COVID-19: Practice Changes and Innovations in the Oncology Setting.

Using rapid cycle tests of change to develop the Carers Assistive Technology Experience Questionnaire: a cognitive interview study in the UK

Rapid Cycle sentence examples within rapid cycle feedback

Scoping and testing rural acute care at home: a simulation analysis

The Mitigating Toxic Stress study design: approaches to developmental evaluation of pediatric health care innovations addressing social determinants of health and toxic stress

Textile waste as precursors in nanocrystalline cellulose synthesis

Productive and Morphometric Traits, Mineral Composition and Secondary Metabolome Components of Borage and Purslane as Underutilized Species for Microgreens Production

Wrestling With Antidepressant Use in Bipolar Disorder: The Ongoing Debate.

Selenium and nitrogen co-doped biochar as a new metal-free catalyst for adsorption of phenol and activation of peroxymonosulfate: Elucidating the enhanced catalytic performance and stability.

Beyond Getting Rid of Stupid Stuff in the Electronic Health Record (Beyond-GROSS): Protocol for a User-Centered, Mixed-Method Intervention to Improve the Electronic Health Record System

Numerical Investigation of Successively Nucleating Bubbles During Subcooled Flow Boiling of FC-72 in Microgravity

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Training in healthcare during and after COVID-19: proposal for simulation training.

Study a possibility to create superconducting dipole magnet for the project OMEGA

Implementing a fluid volume management program to decrease intra-dialytic hypotensive events in a paediatric in-centre haemodialysis unit: a quality improvement project

Breakthrough dynamics of nitrogen, oxygen, and argon on silver exchanged titanosilicates (Ag-ETS-10)

Modelling of temperature and strain rate dependent behaviour of pearlitic steel in block braked railway wheels

A Quality Initiative to Decrease Time Until Analgesic for Fracture-associated Pain in the Pediatric Emergency Department

Learning From Experience: Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Multicenter Quality Improvement Collaboratives

Creating the golden triangle of evidence-informed education technology with EDUCATE

A case of methamphetamine use disorder presenting a condition of ultra-rapid cycler bipolar disorder

A socio-technical systems approach to the use of health IT for patient reported outcomes: Patient and healthcare provider perspectives

From magmatic generation to UHP metamorphic overprint and subsequent exhumation: A rapid cycle of plate movement recorded by the supra-subduction zone ophiolite from the North Qaidam orogen

Tools for Improving Corequisite Models: A Guide for College Practitioners

Evaluating the efficacy and safety of antidepressants in patients with bipolar disorder

Implementation and Sustainability of a Pharmacy-Led, Hospital-Wide Bedside Medication Delivery Program: A Qualitative Process Evaluation Using RE-AIM

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