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Effects of Simulated Microgravity on Wild Type and Marfan hiPSCs-Derived Embryoid Bodies

Nutrient Intake of Wildland Firefighters during Arduous Wildfire Suppression: Macronutrient and Micronutrient Consumption.

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Heart Rate Monitoring in Mangalarga Marchador Horses During a Field Marcha Test.

Differential root and shoot responses in the metabolism of tomato plants exhibiting reduced levels of gibberellin

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Experience of Using Telehealth for Foot and Ankle Examination During The SARS-COV-2 Crisis.

Pandemic paradox: Shorter times from consult to gynecologic oncology treatment during COVID-19

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Rapid Curricular Innovations During COVID-19 Clinical Suspension: Maintaining Student Engagement with Simulation Experiences.

Spatial heterogeneity of aerosol induced rapid adjustments on precipitation response over India: a general circulation model study with ECHAM6-HAM2

Wavelet Neural Network Model with Time-Frequency Analysis for Accurate Share Prices Prediction

Global-scale changes in Earth’s energy budget and implications for the water cycle

Resting-state functional brain connectivity is related to subsequent procedural learning skills in school-aged children

Using the AerChemMIP experiments to calculate radiative forcing from aerosols and chemically reactive gases

Interpreting the dependence of cloud-radiative adjustment on forcing agent

Novel mechanisms of epithelial ion transport: insights from the cryptonephridial system of lepidopteran larvae.

Slow feedbacks resulting from strongly enhanced atmospheric methane mixing ratios in a chemistry–climate model with mixed-layer ocean

Neural regulation of whole limb impedance: from measurements to mechanisms

Weak dependence of future global mean warming on the background climate state

Water vapour adjustments and responses differ between climate drivers

Adaptive bycatch reduction in penaeid trawls via rapid adjustments to headline height

Are Changes in Atmospheric Circulation Important for Black Carbon Aerosol Impacts on Clouds, Precipitation, and Radiation?

Genetic mutation of Kcnj16 identifies Kir5.1‐containing channels as key regulators of acute and chronic pH homeostasis

Anthropogenic aerosol forcing - insights from multiple estimates from aerosol-climate models with reduced complexity

Programmable Radio Environments with Large Arrays of Inexpensive Antennas

Comparison of Anthropogenic Aerosol Climate Effects among Three Climate Models with Reduced Complexity

Observationally constrained aerosol–cloud semi-direct effects

Increased water vapour lifetime due to global warming

Mapping landscape connectivity under tectonic and climatic forcing

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Rapid Adjustments 迅速な調整
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