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Adaptive Event-Triggered Synchronization of Reaction–Diffusion Neural Networks

EEG Channel Selection Using A Modified Grey Wolf Optimizer

Decentralized Cooperative Online Estimation With Random Observation Matrices, Communication Graphs and Time Delays

Construction of corrosion degree model and mechanical properties random model of non-uniform corroded reinforcement under multi-factor coupling

Distributed Constraint-Coupled Optimization via Primal Decomposition over Random Time-Varying Graphs

Incorporation of causality structures to complex network analysis of time-varying behaviour of multivariate time series

Mean-square delay-distribution-dependent exponential synchronization of chaotic neural networks with mixed random time-varying delays and restricted disturbances

Tracking Synchronization Improvement of Networked Manipulators Using Novel Adaptive Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Control

Fault tolerant sampled-data H∞ control for networked control systems with probabilistic time-varying delay

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Random Time Varying ランダム時変
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