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Random Structures sentence examples within density functional theory

Probing the mechanical properties of ordered and disordered Pt-Ir alloys by first-principles calculations

Factors affecting the vacancy formation energy in Fe70Ni10Cr20 random concentrated alloy

Random Structures sentence examples within Quasi Random Structures

First-principles investigations of the magnetic phase diagram of Gd 1 -x Ca x MnO 3

Location preferences of fission products in high density U(Mo) dispersion fuel element

Random Structures sentence examples within Seemingly Random Structures

Characterizing chromatin folding coordinate and landscape with deep learning

A healthy dose of chaos: Using fractal frameworks for engineering higher-fidelity biomedical systems.

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Random Structures sentence examples within random structures algorithm

The Discrepancy of Random Rectangular Matrices

Limiting probabilities of first order properties of random sparse graphs and hypergraphs

Elemental partitions and deformation mechanisms of L12-type multicomponent intermetallics

Application of complex systems topologies in artificial neural networks optimization: An overview

Morphological Models of Random Structures

Slippery shape memory polymer arrays with switchable isotropy/anisotropy and its application as a reprogrammable platform for controllable droplet motion

Dismantlability, connectedness, and mixing in relational structures

Fabrication of quasi-random photonic crystals for ultrathin solar cells

Strain-induced control of magnetocrystalline anisotropy energy in FeCo thin films

Influence of pH and solids content on heat-induced changes in structural arrangements of proteins in milk

Study of Properties of Growing Random Graphs with Neuron-like Structure

Separate functional subnetworks of excitatory neurons show preference to periodic and random sound structures

Two-dimensional distributed feedback lasing with colloidal quantum dots in photonic quasicrystals

Phase stability of monolayer Si1-xGex alloys with a Dirac cone.

Understanding phase equilibria in high-entropy alloys: I. Chemical potentials in concentrated solid solutions – Atomic-scale investigation of AlCrFeMnMo

High quality factor, protein-based microlasers from self-assembled microcracks

Evaluation of Yttrium Hydride (δ-YH2-x ) Thermal Neutron Scattering Laws and Thermophysical Properties

Improving Thermodynamic Stability of SmFe12-Type Permanent Magnets from High Entropy Effect

Porous 3D graphene/multi-walled carbon nanotubes electrodes with improved mass transport and kinetics towards VO2+/VO2+ redox couple

Potential of Raman spectroscopic techniques to study proteins.

Primary Grains and Primary Functions

Change of Scale in Physics of Random Media

A new strategy for high-performance electromagnetic interference shielding by designing a layered double-percolated structure in PS/PVDF/MXene composites

Electromagnetic interference shielding enhancement of poly(lactic acid)-based carbonaceous nanocomposites by poly(ethylene oxide)-assisted segregated structure: a comparative study of carbon nanotubes and graphene nanoplatelets

Computational Efficiency of a Modular Reservoir Network for Image Recognition

Atomistic investigation of uranium oxycarbide (UCO) phase stability at finite temperatures: DFT+U and AIMD+U approaches

The energy-spectrum of bicompatible sequences

DFTTK: Density Functional Theory ToolKit for high-throughput lattice dynamics calculations

Responses of a soil mollusk community to an extreme cold event

Abstract 299: Self-assembling peptide hydrogel for delivery and conversion of temozolomide in glioblastoma treatment

Neural evolution structure generation: High entropy alloys.

Multi-scale simulation of turbulence and heat transfer characteristics in randomly packed beds

Antimicrobial Activity and Action Mechanisms of Arg-Rich Short Analog Peptides Designed from the C-Terminal Loop Region of American Oyster Defensin (AOD)

Visualization of loop extrusion by DNA nanoscale tracing in single human cells

Resonant Raman random lasing from disorder-structured material pumped by nanosecond-pulsed laser

The Role of Random Structures in Tissue Formation: From a Viewpoint of Morphogenesis in Stochastic Systems

Experimental study, first-principles calculation and thermodynamic modelling of the Cr–Fe–Nb–Sn–Zr quinary system for application as cladding materials in nuclear reactors.

Determination of Vacancy Formation Energies in Binary UZr Alloys Using Special Quasirandom Structure Methods

Review of Unsupervised Adaptive Resonance Theory

Optical reflectivity and spatial mode localization of white-noise random dielectric oxide multilayers

An Ab Initio Study of Vacancies in Disordered Magnetic Systems: A Case Study of Fe-Rich Fe-Al Phases

Finding the optical properties of plasmonic structures by image processing using a combination of convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks

On the optimality of the uniform random strategy

Phase Stability and Thermo-Physical Properties of Nickel-Aluminum Binary Chemically Disordered Systems via First-Principles Study

Combinatorial Quantum Gravity: Emergence of Geometric Space from Random Graphs

Comparative analysis of electronic structure evolution in Ge1-xSnx and Ge1−xPbx alloys

Chromatin fiber structural motifs as regulatory hubs of genome function?

Stochastic seismic response analysis of nonlinear structure with random parameters

Dismantlability, Connectedness, and Mixing in Relational Structures

Improved optoelectronic properties in CdSexTe1−x through controlled composition and short-range order

Is There Any Hidden Symmetry in the Stripe Structure of Perovskite High-Temperature Superconductors?

High Temperature Electron-Phonon and Magnon-Phonon Interactions

Experimental investigations and thermodynamic modelling of the Cr–Nb–Sn–Zr system

First-principles thermal compatibility between Ru-based Re-substitute alloys and Ir coatings

The Effects of Defects and Damage in the Mechanical Behavior of Ti6Al4V Lattices

Multiaxial fatigue damage estimation of structures under random vibrations using Matsubara’s criterion

Nonlocal kinetic energy density functional via line integrals and its application to orbital-free density functional theory

Energy Absorption Properties of Periodic and Stochastic 3D Lattice Materials


First principles investigation into the phase stability and enhanced hardness of TiN-ScN and TiN-YN alloys

Random auxetics from buckling fibre networks

Variance reduction for effective energies of random lattices in the Thomas-Fermi-von Weizsäcker model

Classifying and analysis of random composites using structural sums feature vector

Characterization of laminar flow in periodic open-cell porous structures

Using fine scale resolution vegetation data from LiDAR and ground-based sampling to predict Pacific marten resting habitat at multiple spatial scales

Phase Stability and Ordering in Rock Salt-Based Thermoelectrics: NaSbX2, AgSbX2, and Their Alloys with PbX and SnX (X = S, Se, Te)

Enhancement of photovoltaic efficiency in CdSexTe1-x (where 0≤x≤1): Insights from density functional theory.

Theory of the energy fluctuation of multicomponent alloys

Synchronized Molecular-Dynamics Simulation of the Thermal Lubrication of an Entangled Polymeric Liquid

Aperiodic-Order-Induced Multimode Effects and Their Applications in Optoelectronic Devices

Self-Assembled Ordered Three-Phase Au-BaTiO3 -ZnO Vertically Aligned Nanocomposites Achieved by a Templating Method.

FTIR analysis of physiochemical changes in raw skim milk upon concentration

Prediction of new ZnS–CaS alloys with anomalous electronic properties

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Non-dimensional lattice Boltzmann simulations on pore scale double diffusive natural convection in an enclosure filled with random porous media

Thermal phase transition of poly(N-vinyl caprolactam)-based copolymers: the distribution of hydrophilic units within polymeric chains

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