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A PEM-based topology optimization for structures subjected to stationary random excitations

An efficient time-dependent reliability method

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Response control of adjoining structures interconnected with Lead damper

Prediction and Optimization of Full-Vehicle Road Noise Based on Random Response Analysis

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Investigation of the Nonstationary Stochastic Response of Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Material Plates with General Boundary Conditions

Structural optimization of system WFE

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Modification of Newell’s car-following model incorporating multidimensional stochastic parameters for emission estimation

Modelling community structure and temporal spreading on complex networks

CLT for single functional index quantile regression under dependence structure

Hamiltonian Monte Carlo with application to train-track-bridge coupled interactions subjected to seismic excitation with uncertainties

Sensitivity and Hessian matrix analysis of power spectrum density function for non-classically damped systems subject to stationary stochastic excitations

Application of Small Disturbance Instability Based on Random Response Surface Method in Wind Power System

Stochastic finite element method based on point estimate and Karhunen–Loéve expansion

Comparing the Slider Measure of Social Value Orientation with Its Main Alternatives

Modal parameter identification of rotating machinery based on time domain synchronous averaging

Random Response and Extreme Value Response Analysis of Vortex Rod and Blade for Wire Feeder

Random Response of Wake-Oscillator Excited by Fluctuating Wind

Random Response of Nonlinear System with Inerter-based Dynamic Vibration Absorber

A Novel Security Authentication Protocol Based on Physical Unclonable Function for RFID Healthcare Systems

Statistical modeling of random hail impact

Effect of seismic isolation on random seismic response of High-Speed railway bridge based on probability density evolution method

Random Response and Crossing Rate of Fractional Order Nonlinear System with Impact

Parametric roll vulnerability of ships using Markov and Melnikov approaches

Tone painting and painting tones: A follow-up study of listeners’ audiovisual responses to Beethoven’s Thunder Storm

Fidelity of the dual-pulse phase-OTDR response to spatially distributed external perturbation

Privacy-preserved distinct content collection in human-assisted ubiquitous computing systems

Stochastic Responses for the Vibro-Impact System under the Broadband Noise

The Impact of Aberrant Response on Reliability and Validity

A Comparison of Classical and Modern Measures of Internal Consistency

Structural health monitoring of layered structure by strain measurements

Theoretical and numerical investigation of stress mode shapes in multi-axial random fatigue

Approximately analytical procedure to evaluate random stick-slip vibration of Duffing system including dry friction

Local Differential Privacy with K-anonymous for Frequency Estimation

An uncertain computational model for random vibration analysis of subsea pipelines subjected to spatially varying ground motions

Cell Renormalized Fokker–Planck equation method (CR-FPK) for fractional order nonlinear system

Train-bridge system dynamics analysis with uncertain parameters based on new point estimate method

Detecting Random Responses in a Personality Scale Using IRT-Based Person-Fit Indices

Component-Based Regularization of Multivariate Generalized Linear Mixed Models

The Study of Running Stability of Piggyback Car Based on a FE-Rigid Coupled Model

Experimental validation of variance estimation in the statistical energy analysis of a structural-acoustic system

Pouring water into wine : revisiting the advantages of the crosswise model for asking sensitive questions

Replication Data for: Pouring water into wine: revisiting the advantages of the crosswise model for asking sensitive questions

A secure arbiter physical unclonable functions (PUFs) for device authentication and identification

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