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Random Permutations sentence examples within Uniform Random Permutations

Limit Densities of Patterns in Permutation Inflations

Asymptotic normality of consecutive patterns in permutations encoded by generating trees with one-dimensional labels

Random Permutations sentence examples within Spatial Random Permutations

Gaussian Random Permutation and the Boson Point Process

Scaling limit of ballistic self-avoiding walk interacting with spatial random permutations

Random Permutations sentence examples within Different Random Permutations

Fisher-Yates shuffle algorithm for randomization math exam on computer based-test

Plain Text Encryption Using Sudoku Cipher

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Syntactic Perturbations Reveal Representational Correlates of Hierarchical Phrase Structure in Pretrained Language Models

The Component Counts of Random Injections

Surrogate Monte Carlo

Bounded Affine Permutations II. Avoidance of Decreasing Patterns

Efficient Recoverable Cryptographic Mosaic Technique by Permutations

Ambiguity and Doppler tolerance analyses of frequency-stepped, Sudoku-variant waveforms

Variations on Twins in Permutations

Calculation of a confidence interval of semantic distance estimates obtained using a large diachronic corpus

Hypersuccinct Trees - New universal tree source codes for optimal compressed tree data structures

Constructions of Beyond-Birthday Secure PRFs from Random Permutations, Revisited

Recursive methods for some problems in coding and random permutations

A comprehensive analysis of the phylogenetic signal in ramp sequences in 211 vertebrates

Data on the existence ratio and social utility of Nash equilibria and of the Perfectly Transparent Equilibrium

DJAYA: A discrete Jaya algorithm for solving traveling salesman problem

Generation of the symmetric group Sn2

Large deviations of the length of the longest increasing subsequence of random permutations and random walks.

An axiomatic basis for maximal homology alignment

The Entropy Rate of Some Pólya String Models

How to Build Pseudorandom Functions From Public Random Permutations

Coverage fluctuations in theater models

Machine learning to predict microbial community functions: An analysis of dissolved organic carbon from litter decomposition

eNetXplorer: an R package for the quantitative exploration of elastic net families for generalized linear models

Key regression from constrained pseudorandom functions

Machine learning to predict microbial community functions: An analysis of dissolved organic carbon from litter decomposition

Beyond-birthday secure domain-preserving PRFs from a single permutation

PIME: a package for discovery of novel differences among microbial communities

Stochastic Analysis and Optimal Design of Majority Systems

Vibration Analysis of Heterogeneous Gearbox Faults using EMD Features and SVM Classifier

Progress in Cryptology – INDOCRYPT 2019: 20th International Conference on Cryptology in India, Hyderabad, India, December 15–18, 2019, Proceedings

Maximal homology alignment: A new method based on two-dimensional homology

Testing the Mantel statistic with a spatially‐constrained permutation procedure

Permutation-based Decoding of Reed-Muller Codes in Binary Erasure Channel

Quantum cryptanalysis on some generalized Feistel schemes

Improved Security Evaluation of SPN Block Ciphers and its Applications in the Single-key Attack on SKINNY

Visual Encryption by Pixel Property Permutation

Why wait for posterity (or the future) to provide proof to savor the elixir of precision oncology? Read interviews with intellects and dine with the doyens of discovery

Structure of the Condensed Phase in the Inclusion Process

Permutation inference distribution for linear regression and related models

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