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Application of Deep Learning in Ground Penetrating Radar Image Recognition

An overview of methods for deriving the radiative transfer theory from the Maxwell equations. II: Approach based on the Dyson and Bethe-Salpeter equations.

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Wave Propagation and Imaging in Moving Random Media

Moderate deviations for diffusion in time dependent random media

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Saturation throughput analysis of a carrier sensing based MU-MIMO MAC protocol in a WLAN under fading and shadowing

Ultrareliable SWIPT using Unscheduled Short Packet Transmissions

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Prestack seismic stochastic inversion based on statistical characteristic parameters

Simulation and experiment analysis of relationship between voids and permeability of composites

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Application of Deep Learning in Ground Penetrating Radar Image Recognition


Methods for Line Shapes in Plasmas in the Presence of External Electric Fields

Probabilistic modeling of surface effects in nano-reinforced materials

Full-Wave Calculation of Complex Propagation Constant for a Medium of Conducting Wires

Remarks on the Parabolic Equation Model for Waves in Random Media

Adjoint tomography with full envelope for scattering and intrinsic attenuation - resolution and trade-off

Review on Speckle-Based Spectrum Analyzer

Intensity distribution in random lasers: comparison between a stochastic differential model of interacting modes and random phase sum-based models

Simulation of scattered seismic surface waves on mountainous onshore areas: Understanding the “ground roll energy cone”

Characterizing random one-dimensional media with an embedded reflector via scattered waves

Research on Microscopic CFRP Stochastic Pore Model Based on Pore Morphology

Crack Paths in Random Media

New correlative randomized algorithms for statistical modelling of radiation transfer in stochastic medium

The azimuthal spectrum of common transmittance functions and random media

The Noise Attenuation and Stochastic Clutter Removal of Ground Penetrating Radar Based on the K-SVD Dictionary Learning

Bistatic radar observations of the coherent backscatter opposition effect in dry snow

Mueller matrix decomposition methods for tissue polarization tomography

Targets Illumination Region Effect on Laser RCS in Random Media for H-Wave Polarization

Full Wave Analysis for Estimating Wave Attenuation In a Random Volume of Metallic Wires Using Monte Carlo Simulation

Disease Mapping and Spatial Landscape Characterization of Tuberculosis Ecology in Malaysia

Direct interaction approximation for non-Markovianized stochastic models in the turbulence problem.

Non-Markov character of the phase fluctuations for sound propagation over relatively small ranges in the turbulent atmosphere.

Random multi-phase medium model and its application in analysis of ultrasonic propagation characteristics for AlSi-polyester abradable seal coating

Effects of Random Migration on the Growth of the Population of a Biological System

Noise-induced rectification in out-of-equilibrium structures.

Threshold phenomenon for homogenized fronts in random elastic media

Real-Space Renormalization for disordered systems at the level of Large Deviations

Maintenance of the coherence of a light wave on weak scattering.

Optimizing the wavefield storage strategy in reflection-acoustic logging reverse-time migration

Improvement of Multidimensional Randomized Monte Carlo Algorithms with “Splitting”

Determination of Fourier Components of Spatial Correlation Function of Dielectric Susceptibility of Random Medium

Randomized Monte Carlo Algorithms for Problems with Random Parameters (“Double Randomization” Method)

Light-atom interaction: mean-field approach and intensity fluctuations

Distribution of Brownian coincidences

Accurate remote sensing of conducting objects in random media with plane H-wave polarization

Unconventional light scattering from glassy photonic films and metasurfaces

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