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Random Measurement sentence examples within Gaussian Random Measurement

A Signal Reconstruction Method for Memory-Type Transient Electromagnetic Detection Systems in Horizontal Wells

Phase retrieval for sub-Gaussian measurements

Random Measurement sentence examples within Independent Random Measurement

Incompatibility probability of random quantum measurements.

Confidence Region of Singular Subspaces for Low-Rank Matrix Regression

Random Measurement sentence examples within Substantial Random Measurement

Test-retest reliability and minimal detectable change of the Cognitive Abilities Screening Instrument in patients with dementia

Test-retest reliability of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test in people with schizophrenia.

Random Measurement sentence examples within Acceptable Random Measurement

Practice Effects, Test–Retest Reliability, and Minimal Detectable Change of the Ruff 2 and 7 Selective Attention Test in Patients with Schizophrenia

Test-retest reliability of the Mini Nutritional Assessment and its relationship with quality of life in patients with stroke

Random Measurement sentence examples within Linear Random Measurement

Compressive Sensing Using Symmetric Alpha-Stable Distributions for Robust Sparse Signal Reconstruction

Super Sub-Nyquist Single-Pixel Imaging by Means of Cake-Cutting Hadamard Basis Sort

Random Measurement sentence examples within Single Random Measurement

Single random measurement of urinary gonadotropin concentration for screening and monitoring girls with central precocious puberty

Estimating GFR in the Elderly—New Approaches to an Old Problem

Random Measurement sentence examples within random measurement error

Subjective health in adolescence: Comparing the reliability of contemporaneous, retrospective, and proxy reports of overall health.


Random Measurement sentence examples within random measurement matrix

Universal Measurement Matrix Design for Sparse and Co-Sparse Signal Recovery

Measurement Bounds for Compressed Sensing in Sensor Networks With Missing Data

Random Measurement sentence examples within random measurement noise

PD-Type Iterative Learning Control with Adaptive Learning Gains for High-Performance Load Torque Tracking of Electric Dynamic Load Simulator

ViMo: Multiperson Vital Sign Monitoring Using Commodity Millimeter-Wave Radio

Random Measurement sentence examples within random measurement delay

Observer design for parabolic PDE system based on mobile sensor with random measurement delays

Robust Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Observer for Fault Detection of Networked Control Systems Subject to Immeasurable Premise Variables

Random Measurement sentence examples within random measurement basis

From microwaves to submillimeter waves: modern advances in computational imaging, radar, and future trends

Adaptive compressive tomography: A numerical study

Random Measurement sentence examples within random measurement uncertainty

Improved gap filling approach and uncertainty estimation for eddy covariance N2O fluxes

Experimental design and measurement uncertainty in ligand binding studies by affinity capillary electrophoresis

Random Measurement sentence examples within random measurement result


Big Data as a Tool for Building a Predictive Model of Mill Roll Wear

3D Compressed Spectrum Mapping with Sampling Locations Optimization in Spectrum-Heterogeneous Environment

Recovering compressed images for automatic crack segmentation using generative models

Black carbon pollutants in pristine Himalayan ecosystem: a pilot study along Gangotri Glacier Valley

Analog Pulse-Based Channel Sensing for Spectrum Efficient Wireless Data Transmission

Fundamental Lower Bounds on Number of Random Measurements for Sparse Tensor Signal Reconstruction

High-dimensional frequency-bin tomography with random measurements

Multipartite entanglement analysis from random correlations

Digital holographic phase imaging based on phase iteratively enhanced compressive sensing.

Compressed Sensing for Image Compression: Survey of Algorithms

Performance Evaluation of CS Based Speech Enhancement using Adaptive and Sparse Dictionaries

Cryptographic key distribution over a public network via variance-based watermarking in compressive measurements

Mechanochemical synthesis and characterisation of niobium silicide nanoparticles

A Deep-Learning-Based Distributed Compressive Sensing in UWB Soil Signals

Compressed Imaging at Long Range in SWIR

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Random Measurement ランダム測定
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