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Prevalence and outcome of comorbidities associated with acromegaly

SUN-287 Pituitary Gigantism Presenting as Anxiety

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From Fractals in External DLA to Internal DLA on Fractals

Pore scale study of the influence of particle geometry on soil permeability

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Tailoring Laves phase and mechanical properties of directed energy deposited Inconel 718 thin-wall via a gradient laser power method

Texture optimization on Mg sheets by preparing soft orientations of extension twinning for rolling

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Site-Specified Two-Dimensional Heterojunction of Pt Nanoparticles/Metal-Organic Frameworks for Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution.

Simultaneous Regulation on Solvation Shell and Electrode Interface for Dendrite-Free Zn Ion Batteries: Achieved by a Low-Cost Glucose Additive.

A stage structured demographic model with “no-regression” growth: The case of constant development rate

Podosome-Driven Defect Development in Lamellar Bone under the Conditions of Senile Osteoporosis Observed at the Nanometer Scale

Transient Dynamics in the Random Growth and Reset Model

Using the integration of GIS and RS in the initial selection of the site for the construction of the new Al Diwaniyah city and its alternatives in Iraq

The Mechanical Behavior and Microstructure of a Multilayer Nanostructured Ni-Co Alloy Fabricated by Electrodeposition

The Probability Distribution of Worldwide Forest Areas

Investigating ionic liquids for optimizing lithium metal anode


Improved uniformity in resistive switching behaviors based on PMMA films with embedded carbon quantum dots

Historical urban growth in Europe (1300–1800)

Size and urban growth of Chinese cities during the era of transformation toward a market economy

MRI Brain Tumor Classification using Hybrid Classifier

Review mechanism promotes knowledge transmission in complex networks

Research of the thermal decomposition mechanism and pyrolysis pathways from macromonomer to small molecule of waste printed circuit board.

Detection of bovine serum albumin using hybrid TiO2 + graphene oxide based Bio – resistive random access memory device

Coexistence in a random growth model with competition

Short-Term Forecasting Management Research of Deep Horizontal Displacement of Slope Soil Based on ARIMA Model

Polarization-Dependent Photoluminescence of a Highly (100)-Oriented Perovskite Film.

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Random Growth ランダム成長
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