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Data augmentation for cancer classification in oncogenomics: an improved KNN based approach

Data augmentation for cancer classification in oncogenomics: an improved KNN based approach

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Lattice Boltzmann simulation of multicomponent reaction-diffusion and coke formation in a catalyst with hierarchical pore structure for dry reforming of methane

Lattice Boltzmann simulation of intraparticle diffusivity in porous pellets with macro-mesopore structure

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Deep Learning Approach to Generate a Synthetic Cognitive Psychology Behavioral Dataset

Target Allocation Method of Multi-Aircraft Cooperative Air Combat Based on Improved Artificial Immune Algorithm

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Efficient and Effective Generation of Test Cases for Pedestrian Detection - Search-based Software Testing of Baidu Apollo in SVL

Selective Mapping Technique Based on an Adaptive Phase-Generation Mechanism to Reduce Peak-to-Average Power Ratio in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Systems

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Minimizing maximum tardiness subject to collect the EOL products in a single machine scheduling problem with capacitated batch delivery and pickup systems

Whale Optimization Algorithm with Local Search for Open Shop Scheduling Problem to Minimize Makespan

Solar transparent radiators based on in-plane worm-like assemblies of metal nanoparticles

Modelling the map reduce based optimal gradient boosted tree classification algorithm for diabetes mellitus diagnosis system

Markov Chains for Computer Music Generation

Household sampling through geocoded points and satellite view: A step-by-step approach to implement a spatial sampling method for demographic and health surveys in areas without population sampling frame and with limited resource settings.

Co-active neuro-fuzzy inference system model as single imputation approach for non-monotone pattern of missing data

Randomness and nondeterminism: from genes to free will with implications for psychiatry

Broadband Phase Prediction of Electromagnetic Metamaterials Based on Deep Neural Network

Development of a program for in silico optimized selection of oligonucleotide-based molecular barcodes.

Dynamically Adjusted Genetic and Fireworks Algorithm for Deployment Optimization of Indoor Positioning Signal Sources

HTR-10 OTTO Cycle Depletion Simulation Using Discrete Element Method Coupled Monte Carlo

An Improved Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for Two-Dimensional Rectangular Packing Problem

BIKED: A Dataset for Computational Bicycle Design with Machine Learning Benchmarks

VeRLPy: Python Library for Verification of Digital Designs with Reinforcement Learning

Deep learning-based statistical noise reduction for multidimensional spectral data

Stability Analysis of Rock-soil Mixture Slope

Random generation of convex aggregates for DEM study of particle shape effect

Compact Variable-base ECC Scalar Multiplication using Euclidean Addition Chains

Maximizing throughput in RLNC-based multi-source multi-relay with guaranteed decoding

Study of various indexes for Power loss Reduction in Distributed Systems

POD of NDT Techniques Using High Temperature Oxidized Fatigue Cracks in an Aero Engine Alloy

Computational Study of Hydrogen Bond Interactions in Water Cluster-Organic Molecule Complexes.

Design of Fuzzy Ensemble Architecture Realized With the Aid of FCM-Based Fuzzy Partition and NN With Weighted LSE Estimation

Hybrid Gray Wolf Algorithm for No Wait Flow Shop Scheduling Problems

A Self-Adaptive AP Selection Algorithm Based on Multiobjective Optimization for Indoor WiFi Positioning

Optimal Cryptography Scheme and Efficient Neutrosophic C-Means Clustering for Anomaly Detection in Cloud Environment

Random generation of capacities and its application in comprehensive decision aiding

Robust probabilistic calibration of a stochastic lattice discrete particle model for concrete

treex: a Python package for manipulating rooted trees

Auto-generation methodology of complex-shaped coarse aggregate set of 3D concrete numerical test specimen

Minimals Plus: An improved algorithm for the random generation of linear extensions of partially ordered sets

Statistical properties of lambda terms

The Reliable, Automatic Classification of Neonates in First-Tier MALDI-MS Screening for Sickle Cell Disease

An Autonomous Planning Method for UAV Based on Behavior-Conditional Model

A Graph-Based Encoding for Evolutionary Convolutional Neural Network Architecture Design

Replicated Computational Results (RCR) Report for “Fast Random Integer Generation in an Interval”

A Contextual Hierarchical Graph Model for Generating Random Sequences of Objects with Application to Music Playlists

Improved Malware Detection Model with Apriori Association Rule and Particle Swarm Optimization

Topological generation of exceptional algebraic groups

Factors involved in sleep efficiency: a population-based study of community-dwelling elderly persons

A bijection for essentially 4-connected toroidal triangulations

Obtaining a guide operator of wastewater treatment by sbr process using simulation and sensitivity analysis

Extending Instructional Support in an Algorithm Benchmarking System

Network Stability, Realisation and Random Model Generation

A holistic framework for assessing hot-dip galvanizing process sustainability

Controllable vs. Random: Renewable Generation Competition in a Local Energy Market

About Generative Aspects of Variational Autoencoders

Periodic Pólya Urns, the Density Method, and Asymptotics of Young Tableaux

An Experimental Study on Flakiness and Fragility of Randoop Regression Test Suites

Variability in cross-sectional areas and tensile properties of corroded prestressing wires

The mechanical strength of Ti-6Al-4V columns with regular octet microstructure manufactured by electron beam melting

Patterned Stimulation of Peripheral Nerves Produces Natural Sensations With Regards to Location but Not Quality

Electrochemomechanical performance of porous electrode incorporating binder network

Design of Fuzzy Ensemble Architecture Realized with the Aid of FCM-based Fuzzy Partition and NN with Weighted LSE Estimation

Exhaustive generation for permutations avoiding a (colored) regular sets of patterns

Cryptographic Key Generation by Genetic Algorithms

Securing GOOSE: The Return of One-Time Pads

Towards a better understanding of the ROGUE

Optical depth in polarised Monte Carlo radiative transfer

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