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Hybrid chaos-based particle swarm optimization-ant colony optimization algorithm with asynchronous pheromone updating strategy for path planning of landfill inspection robots

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Power Load Data Preprocessing Based on PFCM Algorithm and Neural Network

Impact Index Method for Railway Catenary Short-Wave Irregularity Evaluation

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A demonstration and evaluation of the use of cross-classified random-effects models for meta-analysis

Online Operation Risk Assessment of the Wind Power System of the Convolution Neural Network (CNN) Considering Multiple Random Factors

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Detailed Analysis of the Characteristics of Sample Volume in Blood Culture Bottles

Eucalyptus Edge Effect on Quercus-Herbivore Interactions in a Neotropical Temperate Forest

Moment-Based Importance Analysis of Structure Performance Functions Under Mixed Uncertainties

Pollution control for switching diffusion models: Approximation methods and numerical results

Optimal Investment with Correlated Stochastic Volatility Factors

What to Do Instead of Null Hypothesis Significance Testing or Confidence Intervals

Predicting feed intake and feed efficiency in lactating dairy cows using digesta marker techniques.

Automated Quality Control Systems for Paint Coatings in Industry

The Gambler.

Response analysis of non-linear compound random vibration of a high-speed elevator

Blockchain-Enabled Charging Right Trading Among EV Charging Stations

Multilevel Logistic Regression and Neural Network-Genetic Algorithm for Modeling Internet Access

Game-to-Game Prediction of NBA Players’ Points in Relation to Their Season Average

Probabilistic responses of three-dimensional stochastic vibro-impact systems

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Calculation of Transmission Line Shielding Failure Trip-out Rate Based on Monte Carlo Method

Marine Ship Equipped with Air Turbine – Electric Generator Aggregate

Birth order does not affect ability to detect kin

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To evaluate the effectiveness of the army (force) managemen

Plaintext related image hybrid encryption scheme using algebraic interpolation and generalized chaotic map

Spatial variability in soil pH and land use as the main influential factor in the red beds of the Nanxiong Basin, China

Industrial pollutant treatment efficiency considering environmental factors: A 3-stage parallel DEA model

Automated Quality Control Systems for Paint Coatings in Industry

Risk Management in Hierarchical Systems

Models to Assess the Effects of Nonsmooth Control and Stochastic Perturbation on Pest Control: A Pest-Natural-Enemy Ecosystem

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Reconstruction of Isolated Objects by PSO-based Inverse Scattering Method

Roads as drivers of above‐ground biomass loss at tropical forest edges in Xishuangbanna, Southwest China

Reliability of Maximal Voluntary Isometric Contraction of Ankle Dorsiflexion in Male Subjects

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Fractal Time Series Analysis in Non-Stationary Environment

The Impact of Government Integrity on Investment Efficiency in Regional Transportation Infrastructure in China

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[Effects of grazing intensity on spatial heterogeneity of the constructive species Stipa breviflora in desert steppe.]

Identifying spatial heterogeneity of groundwater and its response to anthropogenic activities

Economic security potential management mechanism of enterprises in the system of strategic decisions

Analytical Challenges of Spray Pattern Method Development for Purposes of In Vitro Bioequivalence Testing in the Case of a Nasal Spray Product.

Living with observational data in biological anthropology.


Short-Term Origin-Destination Forecasting in Urban Rail Transit Based on Attraction Degree

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Daily electricity consumption combined forecast based on variational mode decomposition and sample entropy

Effects of soil properties, topography and landform on the understory biomass of a pine forest in a subtropical hilly region

mTOR inhibitor INK128 attenuates systemic lupus erythematosus by regulating inflammation-induced CD11b+Gr1+ cells.

An Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based on a Multi-Objective Framework for Supplier Integration

Associations Between Iron Deficiency Anemia and Wages in India: A Secondary Data Analysis (P22-016-19).

Prospective Climate Change Impacts upon Energy Prices in the 21ST Century: A Case Study in Italy

A geostatistic investigation of the comprehensive evaluation of fertility and spatial heterogeneity of forest soil nutrients in hilly and mountainous regions of southern China

Modeling and Performance Analysis of UAV-Assisted Vehicular Networks

Development of Romanian Corporate Governance in Hospitality Industry: Necessity and Favorable Factors

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