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Clustered Millimeter-Wave Networks With Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access

Low-Overhead Multi-Antenna-Enabled Random Access for Machine-Type Communications with Low Mobility

Elastic propagation of fast electron vortices through amorphous materials

Efficient Beam Alignment for Millimeter Wave Single-Carrier Systems With Hybrid MIMO Transceivers

A Pseudo-Random Beamforming Technique for Improving Physical-Layer Security of MIMO Cellular Networks

Multi-Stream Opportunistic Network Decoupling: Relay Selection and Interference Management

A Pseudo-Random Beamforming Technique with Heterogeneous Rank Beamforming Matrices for Cloud Radio Access Networks

Detection and defense of active attacks for generating secret key from wireless channels in static environment.

Opportunistic Routing Protocol for Ad-Hoc Networks Using mmWave and Random Beamforming

Ergodic Secrecy Rate of $K$-User MISO Broadcast Channel With Improved Random Beamforming

Generalized Hanbury Brown-Twiss effect for Stokes parameters.

Mitigation of atmospheric turbulence with random light carrying OAM

Fraunhofer diffraction and the state of polarization of partially coherent electromagnetic beams.

A framework to optimize the frame duration and the beam angle for random beamforming of mmWave mobile networks

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