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Preprocessing of multi-line structured light image based on Radon transformation and gray-scale transformation

Ring artifact removal method with generative adversarial network for the refraction-contrast computed tomography

Interpolation Effect on FBP-Based Image Reconstruction of Measured L-Band Microwave Tomography

The Radon Transformation and Its Application in Tomography

Efficient solution of linear inverse problems using an iterative linear neural network with a generalization training approach

A Gaussian-Based Guidewire Segmentation and Tracking Method for Teleoperated Robotic Intravascular Interventions

Knowledge-based automatic extraction of multi-structured light stripes

The empirical process of residuals from an inverse regression

An Improved Vehicle-license Plate Recognition Based on Color Clues and Coding Rules

An Implementation of the Image Processing Techniques for the Thermal Field Analysis of the Induction Machines

Automatic Detection of Blood Vessels in Optical Coherence Tomography Scans

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Radon Transformation ラドン変換
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