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IAEA Photonuclear Data Library 2019

Biomolecule-Assisted Synthesis of Hierarchical Multilayered Boehmite and Alumina Nanosheets for Enhanced Molybdenum Adsorption.

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Modeling of atmospheric dispersion and radiation dose for a hypothetical accident in radioisotope production facility

Progress and future roadmap on 241Am production for use in Radioisotope Power Systems

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Enhancement of the Inelastic Nuclear Interaction Rate in Crystals via Antichanneling.

Radioisotope Production through Accelerators in Crystalline Targets

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Commissioning of an Autonomous Cooling System for a Compact Superconducting Cyclotron Devoted to Radioisotope Production

Reliability and redundancy allocation analysis applied to a nuclear protection system

Verification of DECY-13 cyclotron magnet design using cyclotron particle tracking codes

Compact and Highly Efficient Kilowatt Lumped Push–Pull Power Amplifier for Cyclotron in Radioisotopes Production

An Active Irradiation System with Automatic Beam Positioning and Focusing for a Medical Cyclotron

DECY-13 cyclotron equilibrium orbit verification using CYCLONE

Evaluation of hydrogen gas flow system in DECY - 13 cyclotron

Schemes for producing multi-energy fast neutrons using a low-energy ion accelerator

Application of Neutron Flux from PUSPATI TRIGA Mark II Research Reactor in Enhancing Superconducting Properties of BSCCO Superconductor

Neutronic performance of the hybrid-low power research reactor for education and neutron applications

Molybdenum Sinter-Cladding of Solid Radioisotope Targets

METU defocusing beamline project for the first SEE tests in Turkey and the test results from the METU-DBL preliminary setup

Estimation of Mass Stopping Power and Range via a New Computer Program X-PMSP

Computational investigation of Tehran research reactor graphite reflector replacement with Be, BeO or D2O and its impacts on thermal neutron flux enhancement

Calculation of reactions cross section for proton-induced nuclear reactions on Iodine-127 isotope

Fast Defect Detection on Primary Pump Pipe for RSG-GAS Reactor Using Acoustics Emission Techniques

Special Issue ”Instruments and Methods for Cyclotron Produced Radioisotopes”

Sensitivity of Reflector on Neutronic Parameter for Conversion Core Design of the TRIGA Research Reactor

New Cross-Sections for natMo(α,x) Reactions and Medical 97Ru Production Estimations with Radionuclide Yield Calculator

The use of new irradiation instrument in a pool type research reactor

Evaluation of nuclear heating in sample materials irradiated in RSG – GAS core

Synthesis and Characterization of Molybdenum Phthalocyanine as Target Material for High Specific Activity Molybdenum-99 Production

[Results and analysis on individual dose level of occupation exposure in industrial application in China (2009-2013)].

Measurement of the proton beam energy of a medical cyclotron based on Rutherford Back-scattering Analysis

Radiochemical parameters of molybdenum-99 transmutation in cyclotron-based production method using a neutron activator design for nuclear-medicine aims

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