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The status of forward osmosis technology implementation

Development and Qualification of a Scale-Down Mammalian Cell Culture Model and Application in Design Space Development by Definitive Screening Design

Quality by design prospects of pharmaceuticals application of double emulsion method for PLGA loaded nanoparticles

With a little help from my friends? How learning activities and network ties impact performance for high tech startups in incubators

Organizational process maturity model for IoT data quality management

Fracture and fatigue in additively manufactured metals

Measuring UX Capability and Maturity in Organizations

Decision Discovery in Business Processes

Exploring the moderating role of construal levels on the impact of process versus outcome attributes on service evaluations

Quality by Design approaches to assessing the robustness of tangential flow filtration for MAb.

The effect of the number of passes in friction stir processing of aluminum alloy (AA6082) and its failure analysis

ANFIS Modeling for Prediction of Particle Size in Nozzle Assisted Solvent-Antisolvent Process for Making Ultrafine CL-20 Explosiv

A Strategy to Assess Quality Consistency of Drug Products

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