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Priming Paradigm sentence examples within lexical decision task

The mirror reflects more for genial than for casual: right-asymmetry bias on the visual word recognition of words containing non-reversal letters

The Graded Priming Effect of Semantic Radical on Chinese Character Recognition

Priming Paradigm sentence examples within Masked Priming Paradigm

Affective Priming and Decision-Making in the Economic Game

Chinese EFL learners’ morphological generalization of en verb series: Based on Construction Morphology

Priming Paradigm sentence examples within Affective Priming Paradigm

Feeling bad about being wrong: Affective evaluation of performed actions and its trial-by-trial relation to autonomic arousal.

The Role of the Valence, Arousing Properties and Subjective Significance of Subliminally Presented Words in Affective Priming.

Priming Paradigm sentence examples within Semantic Priming Paradigm

The time-locked neurodynamics of semantic processing in autism spectrum disorder: an EEG study

Distinctive responses in anterior temporal lobe and ventrolateral prefrontal cortex during categorization of semantic information

Priming Paradigm sentence examples within Repetition Priming Paradigm

Advantage of Handwriting Over Typing on Learning Words: Evidence From an N400 Event-Related Potential Index

Can rotated words be processed automatically? Evidence from rotated repetition priming

Priming Paradigm sentence examples within Negative Priming Paradigm

Inhibitory control and the understanding of buoyancy from childhood to adulthood.

Inhibiting intuitive rules in a geometry comparison task: Do age level and math achievement matter?

Priming Paradigm sentence examples within Syntactic Priming Paradigm

Independent syntactic representation identified in left front-temporal cortex during Chinese sentence comprehension

EXPRESS: When the independence of syntactic representation meets the sentence processing of Mandarin: Evidence from syntactic priming.

Priming Paradigm sentence examples within Structural Priming Paradigm

Structural priming from simple arithmetic to Chinese ambiguous structures: evidence from eye movement

Prosodic phrase priming during listening to Chinese ambiguous phrases in different experimental tasks

Priming Paradigm sentence examples within Translation Priming Paradigm

Language dominance affects auditory translation priming in heritage speakers

Cognate facilitation priming effect is modulated by writing system: Evidence from Chinese-English bilinguals

Priming Paradigm sentence examples within Response Priming Paradigm

Metacognitive Awareness of Difficulty in Action Selection: The Role of the Cingulo-opercular Network.

Metacognitive awareness of difficulty in action selection: the role of the cingulo-opercular network

Priming Paradigm sentence examples within Visual Priming Paradigm

Rats spontaneously perceive global motion direction of drifting plaids

Rats spontaneously perceive global motion direction of drifting plaids

Priming Paradigm sentence examples within Modal Priming Paradigm

Do infants represent human actions cross-modally? An ERP visual-auditory priming study

Phonetic Ambiguity Resolution: To Be or not to Be Aware

Addicted to green: priming effect of menthol cigarette packaging on brain response to smoking cues

From structure to concepts: The two stages of facial expression recognition

Three- and Six-Year-Old Children are Sensitive to Natural Body Expressions of Emotion: An ERP Emotional Priming Study

Semantic congruency effects of prime words on tool visual exploration

A case series of verbal semantic processing in primary progressive aphasia: Evidence from the N400 effect.

Functional Differences in the Neural Substrates of Auditory Cognition as a Consequence of Music Training

The Comparison of Object Color Knowledge Between Congenitally Blind and Sighted People

Environmental Aesthetic Value Influences the Intention for Moral Behavior: Changes in Behavioral Moral Judgment

Does spending self-earned money make college students happier? The effect of source of money on purchase happiness

Low-spatial-frequency information facilitates threat detection in a response-specific manner

Exploring Affective Priming Effect of Emotion-Label Words and Emotion-Laden Words: An Event-Related Potential Study †

Can Priming Multiple Identities Enhance Divergent Thinking for Middle School Students?

Nonlinear interaction between stimulation intensity and initial brain state: Evidence for the facilitatory/suppressive range model of online TMS effects

EXPRESS: Estimating the Effects of Trait Knowledge on Social Perception.

Morphological preview effects in English are restricted to suffixed words.

Scene layout priming relies primarily on low-level features rather than scene layout.

Effect of Aging on Change of Intention

Keep calm and carry on: electrophysiological evaluation of emotional anticipation in the second language

Supplementary motor area plays a causal role in automatic inhibition of motor responses

Word recognition in a language with multiple orthographies: A semantic masked-priming study of L1 Mandarin learners of L3 Japanese

Afraid of one afraid of all: When threat associations spread across face-types

Perceptual organization of line configurations: Is visual awareness necessary?

Are Action Concept Deficits Embodied in a Topographic Manner in Adults with Cerebral Palsy

Boosting Creativity, but Only for Low Creative Connectivity: The Moderating Effect of Priming Stereotypically Inconsistent Information on Creativity

Can Priming Legal Consequences and the Concept of Honesty Decrease Cheating During Examinations?

Response control by primes, targets, and distractors: from feedforward activation to controlled inhibition.

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