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Biologically Effective Dose and Rectal Bleeding in Definitive Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Systematic review of screening tools for common soccer injuries and their risk factors

Primary care practices’ ability to predict future risk of expenditures and hospitalization using risk stratification and segmentation

Data science competition for cross-site delineation and classification of individual trees from airborne remote sensing data

Transmission Line Model for a Shielded TWP With Apertures and Generalization to Braided–Shielded TWP Cables

Exploring deep neural networks via layer-peeled model: Minority collapse in imbalanced training

Malnutrition in Elective Shoulder Arthroplasty: A Multi-Institutional Retrospective Study of Preoperative Albumin and Adverse Outcomes.

Recurrent Multigraph Integrator Network for Predicting the Evolution of Population-Driven Brain Connectivity Templates

Correlation of ATP7B gene mutations with clinical phenotype and radiological features in Indian Wilson disease patients.

Kadar Bilirubin, Alkalin Fosfatase, dan Gamma Glutamil Transpeptidase Serum sebagai Prediktor Batu Duktus Koledokus pada Pasien Batu Empedu Simtomatik

A Supervised Learning Model for the Automatic Assessment of Language Levels Based on Learner Errors

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