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Enhanced visible-light photoactivities of porous LaFeO3 by synchronously doping Ni+2 and coupling TS-1 for CO2 reduction and 2,4,6-Trinitrophenol degradation

Improved visible-light photoactivities of porous LaFeO3 by coupling with nanosized alkaline earth metal oxides and mechanism insight

Synthesis of porous LaFeO3 prepared by nanocasting method for photo-Fenton degradation of oily-containing wastewater

C-doped LaFeO3 Porous Nanostructures for Highly Selective Detection of Formaldehyde

Mesoporous LaFeO3: Synergistic Effect of Adsorption and Visible Light Photo-Fenton Processes for Phenol Removal from Refinery Wastewater

P-p heterojunction of polymer/hierarchical mesoporous LaFeO3 microsphere as CO2 gas sensing under high humidity

Dye-sensitized LaFeO3 photocathode for solar-driven H2 generation.

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Porous Lafeo3 多孔質 Lafeo3
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