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Ultra-high ethanol sensitivity sensor based on porous In2O3 decorated with gold nanoparticles

Ultra-sensitive UV and H2S dual functional sensors based on porous In2O3 nanoparticles operated at room temperature

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Porous In2O3 nanorods fabricated by hydrothermal method for an effective CO gas sensor

In-situ growth of mesoporous In2O3 nanorod arrays on a porous ceramic substrate for ppb-level NO2 detection at room temperature

MOF-Derived Mesoporous and Hierarchical Hollow-Structured In2O3-NiO Composites for Enhanced Triethylamine Sensing.

Investigation of doping effects of different noble metals for ethanol gas sensors based on mesoporous In2O3

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Porous In2o3 多孔質 In2o3
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