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Porous Core/Dense Shell PLA Microspheres Embedded with High Drug Loading of Bupivacaine Crystals for Injectable Prolonged Release

Facile fabrication of metal-organic framework derived Fe/Fe3O4/FeN/N-doped carbon composites coated with PPy for superior microwave absorption.

Construction of hierarchical FeNi3@(Fe,Ni)S2 core-shell heterojunctions for advanced oxygen evolution

Mesoporous Bimetallic Au@Rh Core-Shell Nanowires as Efficient Electrocatalysts for pH-Universal Hydrogen Evolution.

General Synthesis of Hierarchically Macro/Mesoporous Fe,Ni-Doped CoSe/N-Doped Carbon Nanoshells for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution.

Porous Sulfonated PVA Microspheres for Controlled Molecules Delivery: A Methylene Blue Study

Encapsulation of a Core-Shell Porous Fe3O4@Carbon Material with Reduced Graphene Oxide for Li+ Battery Anodes with Long Cyclability.

Nanomaterial-enhanced 3D-printed sensor platform for simultaneous detection of atrazine and acetochlor.

Synthesis of petaloid and origami-lantern shaped MnO2/Co2CH@C hierarchical core-shell nanorod arrays for portable asymmetric supercapacitor

Engineering cobalt sulfide/oxide heterostructure with atomically mixed interfaces for synergistic electrocatalytic water splitting

Core-shell structured Fe2O3@Fe3C@C nanochains and Ni–Co carbonate hydroxide hybridized microspheres for high-performance battery-type supercapacitor

MOF-derived synthesis of Co3O4 nanospheres with rich oxygen vacancies for long-term stable and highly selective n-butanol sensing performance

Construction of porous core-shell MnCo2S4 microrugby balls for efficient oxygen evolution reaction

Hierarchical ZnO nanorod arrays grown on copper foam as an advanced three-dimensional skeleton for dendrite-free sodium metal anodes

A core-shell porous MnO2/Carbon nanosphere composite as the anode of lithium-ion batteries

Adsorption behavior and mechanism of Hg (II) on a porous core-shell copper hydroxy sulfate@MOF composite

Porous ZrO2 encapsulated perovskite composite oxide for organic pollutants removal: Enhanced catalytic efficiency and suppressed metal leaching.

High-efficiency core-shell magnetic heavy-metal absorbents derived from spent-LiFePO4 Battery.

In-situ reconstruction of non-noble multi-metal core-shell oxyfluorides for water oxidation.

Development of collagen-poly(caprolactone)-based core-shell scaffolds supplemented with proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans for ligament repair.

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