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Perspective Technologies for the Disposal of Spent Adsorbents Based on Zeolites in Building Materials

Evaluating Toxicological Properties of Claydite Gravel, Containing Ferrovanadium Production Sludge, by Method of Biotesting with the of Higher Plants

Simulation of humidity and temperature distribution in green roof with pozzolana as drainage layer: Influence of outdoor seasonal weather conditions and internal ceiling temperature

A spatially resolved model for pressure filtration of edible fat slurries

Anomalously porous boulders on (162173) Ryugu as primordial materials from its parent body

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Fine-Grained Lightweight Concrete from Volcanic Tuffsawing Waste

Ionic liquid-assisted synthesis of F-doped titanium dioxide nanomaterials with high surface area for multi-functional catalytic and photocatalytic applications

Development of sustainable compositions and study of the properties of porous aggregates from the waste of a mining and processing plants

Advanced lightweight periclase-magnesium aluminate spinel refractories with high mechanical properties and high corrosion resistance

Particle dynamics in stormwater treatment areas

Discovery of fossil asteroidal ice in primitive meteorite Acfer 094

The role of spin-phonon coupling in enhanced desorption kinetics of antioxidant flavonols from magnetic nanoparticles aggregates

Influence of the Devitrification of the Glass in Porous Aggregates on the Resistance to Alkali in Cement

Enhance the properties of concrete using pre-developed burnt clay chips as internally curing concrete aggregate

Influence of cracking on the capillary absorption and carbonation of structural lightweight aggregate concrete

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Porous Aggregates 多孔質骨材
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