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Enhanced thermal conductive and mechanical properties of thermoresponsive polymeric composites: Influence of 3D interconnected boron nitride network supported by polyurethane@polydopamine skeleton

Engineering hydrogel viscoelasticity.

Facial fabricated biocompatible homogeneous biocarriers involving biochar to enhance denitrification performance in an anoxic moving bed biofilm reactor.

Alternagin-C, a disintegrin-like protein from Bothrops alternatus venom, attenuates inflammation and angiogenesis and stimulates collagen deposition of sponge-induced fibrovascular tissue in mice.

Study of the effect of periphyton nutrient removal on eutrophic lake water quality

A simple way to improve a conventional A/O-MBR for high simultaneous carbon and nutrient removal from synthetic municipal wastewater

Vaginal Bacterial Profile in Buffaloes Following Treatment with Progesterone Insert

Magnetically Driven Superhydrophobic Polyurethane Sponge for High Efficiency Oil/Water Mixtures Separation

Zeolite powder based polyurethane sponges as biocarriers in moving bed biofilm reactor for improving nitrogen removal of municipal wastewater.

Superhydrophobic modification of polyurethane sponge for the oil-water separation

Superswelling Hybrid Sponge from Water Glass for Selective Absorption of Crude Oil and Organic Solvents

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