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A Study of the Covulcanization of Polysiloxane and Polyurethane Rubbers

Polyurethane/n-octadecane@silicon dioxide-polyhydroxyethyl methacrylate form-stable phase change materials with enhanced mechanical properties and thermal energy storage

An anthropomorphic maxillofacial phantom using 3-dimensional printing, polyurethane rubber and epoxy resin for dental imaging and dosimetry.

Combined effect of abrasive particle size distribution and ball material on the wear coefficient in micro-scale abrasive wear tests

Design and experimental research on buffer protection of high-g penetrator for deep space exploration

Develompment of flexible sensors based on piezoelectric nanofibers

Wear behaviors of polyurethane rubber used in pipeline inspection gauge

Voice-Controlled Flexible Exotendon (FLEXotendon) Glove For Hand Rehabilitation

Lightweight Whiskers for Contact, Pre-Contact, and Fluid Velocity Sensing

Enhancing Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Polyurethane Rubber Reinforced with Polyethylene Glycol-g-Graphene Oxide

Anatomically and Dielectrically Realistic 2.5D 5-Layer Reconfigurable Head Phantom for Testing Microwave Stroke Detection and Classification


An In-pipe Inspection Module with an Omnidirectional Bent-pipe Self-adaptation Mechanism using a Joint Torque Control

Flexibility improvement in two-point incremental forming by implementing multi-point die

Layered Jamming Multifunctional Actuators

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