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Effect of mesoporous silica nanoparticles on the properties of polyurethane network composites

Synthesis, characterization, and curing of propylene oxide and glycidyl nitrate random copolymer (GN-ran-PO) and investigation of its compatibility with different energetic plasticizers

Polyurethanes Based on Unmodified and Refined Technical Lignins: Correlation between Molecular Structure and Material Properties.

Temperature- and pH-sensitive hydrogels of sequential Ti-containing interpenetrating polymer networks

Tough self-reporting elastomer with NIR induced shape memory effect

Synthesis and adsorption behavior of hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin–polyurethane magnetic nanoconjugates for crystal and methyl violet dyes removal from aqueous solutions

Rheokinetic Analysis of HTPB-TDI Based Polyurethane Binder System

Recyclable Self-Healing Polyurethane Cross-Linked by Alkyl Diselenide with Enhanced Mechanical Properties

Chain Structure in a Cross-Linked Polyurethane Magnetic Elastomer Under a Magnetic Field

Hydroxylation of EPDM as a means for ambient temperature vulcanisation via urethane chemistry

Synthesis of triple shape memory polyurethanes by introducing photo-responsive coumarin units into the crystalline soft segment

Convenient Access to α-Amino-ω-Hydroxyl Heterobifunctional PEG and PPO via a Sacrificial Hexahydro-Triazine Star Strategy.

Novel photo-thermal staged-responsive supramolecular shape memory polyurethane complex

A transparent, highly stretchable, self-healing polyurethane based on disulfide bonds

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