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Preparation and properties of rosin-based cationic waterborne polyurethane dispersion

Mechano-fluorochromic behavior of AEE polyurethane films and their high sensitivity to halogen acid gas

Polyurethane Films sentence examples within Waterborne Polyurethane Films

Preparation and Properties of Biobased, Cationic, Waterborne Polyurethanes Dispersions from Castor Oil and Poly (Caprolactone) Diol

Flexible Ag Microparticle/MXene-Based Film for Energy Harvesting

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Vapochromism and Magnetochemical Switching of a Nickel(II) Paddlewheel Complex by Reversible NH3 Uptake and Release

High solid content production of environmentally benign ultra-thin lignin-based polyurethane films: Plasticization and degradation

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Polyurethane Films sentence examples within Two Polyurethane Films

Nanofibrous Grids Assembled Orthogonally from Direct-Written Piezoelectric Fibers as Self-Powered Tactile Sensors.

Investigation of the Influence of Bonding and Thermal Ageing Duration on the Peeling Strength of Knitted Materials’ Bonds

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Mechanical properties of l-lysine based segmented polyurethane vascular grafts and their shape memory potential.

Thermosetting polyurethanes prepared with the aid of a fully bio-based emulsifier with high bio-content, high solid content, and superior mechanical properties

Effect of CeO2-Fe2O3 coated SiO2 nanoparticles on the thermal stability and UV resistance of polyurethane films

Engineering of superhydrophobic silica microparticles and thin coatings on polymeric films by ultrasound irradiation

Fabrication of litchi-like lignin/zinc oxide composites with enhanced antibacterial activity and their application in polyurethane films.

Synthesis of bio-based polyurethanes from Kraft lignin and castor oil with simultaneous film formation.

Synthesis and characterization of polyethylene glycol-phenol-formaldehyde based polyurethane composite

Influencing the properties of LigninPU films by changing copolyol chain length, lignin content and NCO/OH mol ratio

Waterborne polyurethane-silica nanocomposite adhesives based on castor oil-recycled polyols: Effects of (3-aminopropyl)triethoxysilane (APTES) content on properties

Super-hydrophobic graphene oxide-azobenzene hybrids for improved hydrophobicity of polyurethane

Lignin Modification Supported by DFT-Based Theoretical Study as a Way to Produce Competitive Natural Antioxidants

Influence of the Young’s Modulus of Polyurethane Implants on the Organism’s Immune Response

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