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Change, no change or big change? The discontinuous development of trade unions in Nepal

[Change of retirement transition in the political paradigm shift in Europe : Late career and retirement transitions in Germany, Austria, Sweden and Estonia].

A guerra civil como paradigma (bio)político em Giorgio Agamben: do estado de exceção à stasis

Necropolítica, racismo e sistema penal brasileiro

The self-moved mover: God and Western bio-theo-political paradigm of autarchy in Jürgen Moltmann’s theology

Postcolonial Zionism: Theological-Political Paradigms in Levinas and Memmi

Governing Globalisation to Overcome Nation-Based Fears: Federalism as the Paradigm of the Contemporary Age

Novel paradigms for engineering large-scale resilient IoT systems

On PetroCaribe: Petropolitics, energopower, and post-neoliberal development in the Caribbean energy region

Decomposing the anthropogenic causes of climate change

Ademia: Agamben and the Idea of the People

Chances of ‘Resilience’ as a Concept for Sociological Poverty Research

Self-organized bodies, between Politics and Biology. A political reading of Aristotle’s concepts of Soul and Pneuma


Ethico-political Governmentality of Immigration and Asylum in Ethiopia

Varones adolescentes en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires: barreras de género en la prevención y atención de la salud

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Innovative and transition potential of intentional sustainable communities

The Historian of Philosophy and His Experience: Within and Beyond the Realm of Philosophy

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