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Authenticity and Anthropophagy in Kayapó Film Production

More Than Letters: Nadine Chahine on Her Typographic Practice

Smugglers and Smuggled Migrants: Amid Sudanese Passeurs in the Border Regime of Ventimiglia

More is less: Partisan ideology, changes of government, and policy integration reforms in the UK

The geopolitics of ‘platforms’: the TikTok challenge

Political connection, political promotion and corporate environmental information disclosure in China


Politically Robust Financial Regulation

The Effect of Frames on COVID-19 Vaccine Resistance

Is Fake News the New Social Media Crisis? Examining the Public Evaluation of Crisis Management for Corporate Organizations Targeted in Fake News

Nurturing Solidarity: Considering the Internationalization of Research Activities in Kinesiology as a Moral Practice

Where to donate: The geographical distribution of corporate philanthropy in China

From In Two Minds to MIND: The circulation of ‘anti-psychiatry’ in British film and television during the long 1960s

Criminal Asset Forfeiture as a Political Tool?

Evolution and Sex Differences in Political Engagement

The Structural Misrecognition of Migrants as a Critical Cosmopolitan Moment

Explaining Continuity and Change

China: A New Trajectory Prioritizing Rural Rather Than Urban Development?

The Effect of Frames on COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

Police violence: sexual political dehumanisation strategies used by Chilean gendered institutions

Gatunek na usługach doktryny. Ideologia w polsko-enerdowskiej koprodukcji Milcząca gwiazda

An investigation of the health-promoting practices of Australian universities.

La partecipazione delle infermiere italiane alla guerra civile spagnola (1936-1939): identità, ideali e motivazioni

China as an Emerging Actor in Conflict Management: from Non-Interference in Internal Affairs to “Constructive” Engagement


Waiting for the Anthropocene

Transnational Translation: Reflections on Translating from Judeo-Spanish and Spanglish

“Great expectations” – Allocating licenses with special requirements in Norwegian salmon farming

A resiliência das agências de rating no sistema financeiro internacional

Unintended Consequences of the Right to Try Act for Palliative Care in Pediatric Oncology

The Politics of Travel Advisories

Major famines as geopolitical strategies

Market segmentation and wind curtailment: An empirical analysis

رؤية في النقائض الإسلامية

A BATALHA DE MYLAE: Por uma nova história militar da Idade Antiga

State Auditors in Education Policy

Argumentum ad Hominem in Presidential Candidate’s Debate in Indonesia: Forms and Functions

Defending Biobehavioral Science

Introduction: The Crisis Paradigm

[The participation of italian nurses in the spanish civil war (1936-1939): identity, ideals and motivations].

Philippines–China Relations: Interplay Between Domestic Politics and Globalization

Doğal Afet Önlemlerinin Politik Ekonomisi

Beyond Alternative Food Networks: Understanding Motivations to Participate in Orti Urbani in Palermo

What economics education is missing: the real world

Lone Anarchists and Peace Pilgrims: The Relevance of Political Motivations to Sentencing

Parisian Drifters: Flânerie and Dérive

Political Interference in Financial Reporting in the Financial Industry: Evidence from Spain

Radicalizing female empowerment: gender, agency, and affective appeals in Islamic State propaganda

Funding Feminism: Monied Women, Philanthropy, and the Women’s Movement, 1870–1967

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