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Polar Pesticides sentence examples within tandem mass spectrometry

Medium to highly polar pesticides in seawater: Analysis and fate in coastal areas of Catalonia (NE Spain).

Analysis of 52 pesticides in fresh fish muscle by QuEChERS extraction followed by LC-MS/MS determination.

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LC-MS/MS characterisation and determination of dansyl chloride derivatised glyphosate, aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA), and glufosinate in foods of plant and animal origin.

A potential threat to black figs intended for export from Turkey: Ethephon

Polar Pesticides sentence examples within Highly Polar Pesticides

Analysis by LC-MS/MS of polar pesticides in fruits and vegetables using new hybrid stationary phase

Fungal degradation of selected medium to highly polar pesticides by Trametes versicolor: kinetics, biodegradation pathways, and ecotoxicity of treated waters

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Ethephon and fosetyl residues in fruits from São Francisco Valley, Brazil

Rapid and reliable detection of glyphosate in pome fruits, berries, pulses and cereals by flow injection - Mass spectrometry.

Use of passive sampling and high resolution mass spectrometry using a suspect screening approach to characterise emerging pollutants in contaminated groundwater and runoff.

A green and simple sample preparation method to determine pesticides in rice using a combination of SPME and rotating disk sorption devices.

Passive sampling of polar emerging contaminants in Irish catchments.

Basin-scale monitoring and risk assessment of emerging contaminants in South American Atlantic coastal lagoons.

Polymer-clay composite geomedia for sorptive removal of trace organic compounds and metals in urban stormwater.

A reliable LC-MS/MS-based method for trace level determination of 50 medium to highly polar pesticide residues in sediments and ecological risk assessment

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Polar Pesticides 極性農薬
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